Disappointed in support.

I just got off the phone with Lenovo support, and it was a very disappointing call.  I just tried running Vantage to update all of the drivers and bios on one of our Thinkpads, I was getting a disk space error in Vantage despite having over 100GB free.  I called support and the person told me to just uninstall it and go the Lenovo site to download each of the updates manually. No troubleshooting, didn't even get my info to document the call.  He basically told me the software is trash to just not use it.  Support has been so disappointing over the past few years (even pre covid) that I would switch brands if anyone else made a laptop that fits our needs.  

  • Hey  I am so sorry to hear that Frowning2  I'm sorry we weren't able to take more time and care in helping clarify and overcome the disk space error in Vantage that you were receiving. 

    I'm really glad you mentioned something here in the community so I can do my best to try and help! I've alerted my team to ask for some assistance for you. We definitely want to help identify and resolve this, especially since it sounds like you have plenty of free space and shouldn't be seeing this error at all... 

    Please stay tuned while I try and do what I can to get this addressed and solved for you. I am so sorry this was your experience and I am gonna do what I can to help. Heart

  • Hey  Just an update - I am in touch with my team and hoping to get someone who can help us as soon as possible. I'm sorry for the delay. 

  • Thanks for looking into it.  I ended up reloading the computer so it is back in production.  I just wanted someone to know and to see what is going on with the phone support. 

  • Of course! How could I not?! Well, I'm glad to hear you discovered resolution for the issue - kudos. Thank you for letting me know. I'm thankful for the heads up and always appreciate hearing your feedback. Without it, I wouldn't be able to pass on the experience so we can improve where we are lacking. Thank you as always Ray.