What do you love about Lenovo?

What do you love most about Lenovo or your LenovoPRO membership? Heart

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  • I have long been a fan of the ThinkPad and it's durability.   It's has always been a great, well crafted machine. 

  • I love the ability to connect and hear from other people, I also love using Lenovo, and I recommend them to all my friends

  • I enjoy hearing what others have to say. It gives me a wholistic view of what other people are experiencing!

  • - discounts and rewards
    - advices and tips
    - giveaways : I am still dreaming of my X1 carbon 32GB RAM, my Blue Yeti mic, a cam and my light circle

    and maybe my motorola pro 

    LET ME DREAM ! It can happen

  • The first laptop I ever bought was a Lenovo, and I've been pleased with the quality and durability ever since! Glad to be part of a community of like-minded people.

  • We have used Lenovo T-Series laptops for 15+ years. Every 5 years I evaluate the various vendors and every year i come back to Lenovo. We have nothing but great service from Lenovo over the years, and their Mil-Spec T series laptops hold up to all the abuse our Public Saftey crews throw at them. I've even done a couple of video 'testimonials' for Lenovo products over the years....do i get anything for them, nope, but when a product works and service is outstanding, shout it from the rooftops! Slight smile

  • I have been using ThinkPad laptops at work and home for more than 14 years and I've been impressed by their durability and good design towards functionality (the keyboard being a famous example) and easy upgrades. I've made some component upgrades and repairs (rarely), and I've been greatly helped by the thorough maintenance guides and the ease of access to internal parts.

  • My father died a few years ago, and I have his old computer. He is the one who turned me on to Lenovo. He always thought they were the best computers. Now I have been using his computer for several years now, and I have to agree, they are the best. I have also enjoyed being a part of the LenovoPRO Community. I love discussing the small business realm, and learning from the Lenovo materials, as well as everybody else.