Tech Holiday Wishlist

As the "HURRY! SALE ENDS TOMORROW!" and "LAST CHANCE!" messages start to invade our emails, sidewalks, storefronts and web ads, you know what time of year we are approaching.

So. This holidays season, is there anything in particular that's on your wishlist? Tech or otherwise welcome! Please share below!

  • I think I am finally going to buy a drone this year.  

  • I've been saving up and I'm hoping I can get a new camera by the holidays. I have my eyes on the Canon EOS R5.


    > "LAST CHANCE!"

    Fake news.

    There is ALWAYS a sale, tomorrow.

    And last chances are always given one more last chance, ad infinitum.

    So myself, I'm in no rush, as there's always tomorrow :-).

    Wishlist? Nope, nothing that I'm in need of.

  • Me too. But I run it a couple of times literally...

  • I've been looking for a while at a Nikon D780 camera, to replace an old D200. Maybe with some holiday discounts, it becomes within reach.

  • Nikon D780 & D200 they both have F mount standard, so, you can try to buy only new body and use your lovely lens

  • The D780 is an excellent camera, but I would look to mirrorless.  Like CRT monitors DSLR's are soon going to fade away.  I have the original Z6 and love it.  I would like to upgrade to a Z6ii for the dual card slots.  I always purchase used from a reputable dealer, it is a significant cost savings. 

  • I have several SLR lenses, so moving to a different lens mount and camera format is not practical. For digital cameras I always buy new, and I can wait several years until the price goes low enough or a big discount is available.