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Ever been part of an online community before? Just joined LenovoPRO and have some questions about your membership? Not sure what to do or where to start? Well, you found the right post, so props already. 

It can be super overwhelming and intimidating to engage in an online community, especially if you've never joined one before and worry about making a mistake.

So relax, grab some coffee and feel free to ask away or browse through the questions and answers from others in this super-duper helpful Q & A to community and LenovoPRO thread below! Coffee

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  • I purchased an item using Lenovo points and determined the item didn't work for me so I returned it.  They credited the tax portion that I paid via credit card but are telling me that they do not credit Lenovo rewards points on a return.  Is that normal???  Has anyone had the same issue?

  • I just saw your post. OMG. I had ordered a laptop 4 weeks ago and canceled within 20 minutes after ordering because I had to change the order. I thought it would take a while for my points to reappear on my account. So reading this, that means I just lost $260.33 in rewards??

  • Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that   Let me check with my team to see if there is a 24 hour point-return policy maybe? I am SO sorry Disappointed

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