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  • I purchased an item using Lenovo points and determined the item didn't work for me so I returned it.  They credited the tax portion that I paid via credit card but are telling me that they do not credit Lenovo rewards points on a return.  Is that normal???  Has anyone had the same issue?

  • Hey ! I'm so sorry this happened! It really stinks to lose reward points this way since I am sure you were excited to get those points and I would certainly be asking the same good questions you are! Although I have not personally encountered this, I do know that it is normal and something we address in the program faqs. I know that must be disappointing to hear and I am sorry we can't return your reward points. If there is any good news, it just so happens that you posting your question qualifies you to earn $10 in rewards which will be awarded with 7 business days via a special offer we have going on right now. I hope that helps boost your rewards account back up and that you can find just the right product for what you are looking for.

  • Take note of point #1,

    So Lenovo has this "points" program (I take it ?), & yet, something they offer as an enticement to promote "loyalty", backfires on them - because of some dumb policy.

    So much for loyalty!

    Call Lenovo & complain!

    Tell them to add your points back to your account.

    Be forceful. Make them do it.

  • Hey . I love that article - published it myself Wink

    I am a big fan of self and company improvement and value all the feedback we receive - good, not-so-good and everything in between. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging the importance of a good customer experience! That is what we want for you and Jane and all the rest of our amazing customers. It is also one of the reasons we began our rewards program in the first place!

    It is a cool and exciting program to start giving back to YOU for being loyal to us and purchasing your tech with Lenovo. That is also one of the reasons this community exists - to give as much value and support along your professional journey as possible. And to provide a place of connection for all our customers to share thoughts and ideas on how we can all grow and improve the world around us. 

    All your feedback will be taken into account and personally shared with the right ears so we can keep making our program better tomorrow than it is today. 

  • What are the differences between the Lenovo Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Diamond statuses?

  • Hey . Really good question. I'd say the biggest differences are in % discount, yearly spend and order quantity maximum. 

    This looks like a cop-out to explaining it, but it's just a nice, easy, well-explained visual to show the breakdown and increased perks you get with each tier or status:

  • I am curious if anybody has used Vantage to push out a firmware update or has had any luck with the product. I am looking to hopeful use this product to update workstation/desktops and laptops.

  • Never done a firmware update push, but I can speak to one thing to keep in mind: If your network is running older machines, especially ones you've serviced or had to replace specific parts for outside of the regular Lenovo service channels, then I'd proceed with caution. My machine (X240) has been around the block and had a number of self-service repairs over the years to the point that I've had to manually deselect certain updates due to replacement hardware/standard driver compatibility (and Vantage still sometimes suggests the proper driver for my machine, not the hardware installed).

    Just something to keep in mind.

  • I use Commercial Vantage. I have not had any issues.

  • How do you go about starting a line of credit with Lenovo?