How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments?

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How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments? 

Whether it be tech, time, effort, or finances, we want to hear how Lenovo has helped you!

Remember, submissions will be judged using a rubric detailing the following:

  • Ability to verbalize the degree of which Lenovo has truly helped the participant/business/organization maximize their investments
  • Authenticity of submission
  • Originality of submission
  • Level of effort made in crafting the submission

The deadline for submissions is November 30th, 2021.

Winning prize is a ThinkPad T14s, AMD, 14"

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  • Out the outset of the Covid pandemic, our advisor recommended that we put our active retirement portfolio into all cash to ride out the expected bumps and potholes. We followed that advice to good measure. However, as the markets rebounded, our advisor kept us in cash and deflected our requests to re-enter the equity markets in order to once again grow the portfolio.

    With a new 2020 Thinkpad X1 at my fingertips, I quickly researched the market and found new advisor candidates. The speed and efficiency of the X1 allowed me to quickly and thoroughly vet candidates without delays. We were able to get to a short list, and then, laptop on my knees, conduct research into the proposals we received as well as the investment firms. In the end, we selected a new advisor and have now seen the portfolio grow again. As an octogenarian, growth is a welcome blessing. 

    Yes, nearly any modern laptop could have performed well at this, but the Thinkpad is particularly nice: lightweight, superb keyboard and distinct lack of a learning curve. I make a lot of typing errors on other keyboards, so the Thinkpad is an error reduction strategy since the excellence is always there. I've been a Thinkpad person for many years now, and love the ease of upgrading every 4 years or so. 

  • I have had the same issue with the Leonov site over the past few years regardless of browser or computer.  

  • I have invested in a top shelf laptop that will last for awhile. 

  • I got my Lenovo Flex 2-15 in September 2015. Since it has arrived home it has been used by my daughter as well as my entire family. It has been used for high school assignments, to assist me in writing my books, to assist me in the daily monitoring of solar PV systems which I sell and install. It is such a practical tool that I cannot complain.

    I must say that it has allowed me to appreciate how useful technology is in carrying out our various daily tasks. Whether it is simple tasks like checking your email, reading the daily newspaper, technical tasks such as monitoring complex systems through extensive data gathering, writing manuscripts for books to be published, submitting assignments for college or universities or creating other digital documents as a hobby, Lenovo is a tool by a trusted brand such as Lenovo which enables the user to confidently meet the necessary timelines.  

    I was so pleased by its performance that I have proceeded to purchase a Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus. So far it has been exciting every time I pick it up. I’m still learning to be familiar with many of its features as it is quite different to my previous Huawei tablet to which I have become accustomed for about three years.

    I have recommended Lenovo to quite a few friends, and I’m looking forward to the day when I can replace the Lenovo Flex 2 -15 laptop. The many apps and icons are such a thrill with their ease of use. It still is full of energy, is reliable, and saves files as required. My only disappointment is that it is not capable of being upgraded to the new Windows 11 platform, and that the battery life is only 90 minutes. I’m hoping that in the near future that I can get a new device which would tweak my technological abilities and assist me with being even more successful in all areas for which I currently use my Lenovo device.

    I’m hoping that I can ultimately win the prize of the new ThinkPad T14s, AMD, 14". I’m planning to add another dimension which is printing of documents and photos as a community project. This new machine will be a welcome and timely addition to my small business vision especially since many small businesses are still struggling post Covid-19. I thank you for your patience in reading my submission.

    Yours Faithfully

    Henderson Seale

  • At my prior job, as the assistant director of operations at a highly accredited tennis camp, the quality and efficiency of my work strongly depended on the reliability of my computer. I have used Dell’s HP’s, and Mac’s, and those machines are not as reliable nor compare to the quality that Lenovo computers offer. My day-to-day tasks involved spreadsheets, database management, research, and designing graphics for tennis drills, which required a good amount of RAM and storage to help navigate between applications and to save data. As we transitioned to a more virtual heavy workforce and incorporated more virtual conferencing versus in person, the quality of video conferencing via audio and visual have been elite while using Lenovo computers. For the amount we are paying for the laptops, with a team of 3 full-time staff (people who use company-issued computers), we have been able to make almost $1,000,000 in sales for our organization to help grow the sport of tennis. Throughout my three years working in this rigorous field, I never experience lag or delay in the performance of my Lenovo laptop. I believe that we have been able to produce the work that we did, because of the reliability of the Lenovo computer and with how easy it is to utilize whether it’s complex applications you are using, or simple Microsoft Office applications. I would strongly recommend these computers for any business or individual that is looking for a simple, yet effective computer.

  • When the pandemic hit, I found myself in a perilous position like so many others: I was 4-years into a 6-year Clinical Psychology PhD program and had just obtained licensure so that I could start a small private practice serving those with chronic suicidality, self-harm, and emotion dysregulation. Like the rest of the world, overnight I lost access to many of my coping mechanisms (soccer and socializing, to name a few!) and had to make a hard shift to telehealth while my practice was in its infancy. Perhaps unlike much of the world for those outside of healthcare, my status went from “busy PhD student” to “drowning” overnight as clients flooded in and I found myself serving as a lifeline for struggling clients.

    Shortly into this transition, tragedy struck: I knocked a glass of water on my MacBook Air! I scrambled to find an affordable and high-quality replacement that would ship hastily. Enter, Lenovo. I joined LenovoPRO for small businesses and purchased a Yoga laptop. Due to my savings on the laptop, I decided to ease the daily burden of notes and intake reports (the bane of any mental healthcare provider’s existence) by purchasing a tablet. Now, I could see my clients clearly on a sizeable, 15.6” screen while completing my notes during sessions on the tablet. To maximize the connection between myself and my clients as we all adjusted to telemental health, I also obtained a webcam so that my clients could see me in greater definition. Beyond the quality of the products Lenovo offers, the free support and discounts provided to Small Businesses has been instrumental in helping me get my business off the ground. In particular, I have appreciated the consultation and measures taken to ensure that my client’s information is kept secure and private. Lastly, the opportunities offered through the LenovoPRO Community feature have been critical for helping me find answers to my many questions (I identify as “technologically challenged”) and helping me feel connected to others navigating challenges similar to my own.

    Lenovo reduced my burnout and increased my organization by offering products that work seamlessly together, providing individualized and patient customer service and support, and connecting me to a community of small business owners. This in turn maximized the amount of time I spend directly working with clients (my passion!), working toward my PhD (at this point, I’m almost there!), and tending to my health and wellbeing (and that of my “pandemic-puppy,” Yoda the rescued Bulldog).

  • We are a small Non-Profit that is funded totally on grants.  We are always trying to maximize our savings and Lenovo has been wonderful at helping us do that.  We have bought at least 25 laptops from Lenovo and while I can find comparable laptops, they don't have the durability of a Thinkpad. We are able to get the computers we need at an affordable price so that we can do our work helping people with behavioral health issues. Recently I ordered a couple of laptops for new hires and got an unbelievably good deal because we could wait a few weeks for the laptops to ship.  Customer service is always excellent and if I am having trouble finding something within our budget, they always jump to my aid.

  • As a new small Business, Lenovo has helped me be competitive in this difficult online reseller market.  Lenovo products sell really well so i can understand the limited stock on key products.  I am hoping to continue to grow my small business with the help of Lenovo.  Times are tough for every small business but with a little effort on my part i am hoping to grow my small business from nothing into something.  I am hoping for better pricing in the next coming months and am hoping my dedicated sales person will communicate or respond to my emails at some point.  Perhaps he is communicating with more established customers.  Hoping he will make some time soon.

  • > hoping my dedicated sales person will communicate or respond to my emails at some point

    Sounds to me like he is not very dedicated.

    Your customers expect support from you.

    And as you wish to remain, I expect you provide that support.

    And in the same vein, you expect support from Lenovo.

    Now Lenovo will remain, but will you - without support from them?

    And if you don't remain, then there is no support to your customers.

    So either Lenovo supports you, or you need to look elsewhere for someone who will.

    Cause in the end, it is you, & your name, that matters.

    Lenovo may "sell", but you, in adding value to that sale, can just as well sell some other brand, explaining to your customers that the other brand supports me, so that I can better support you. And it is that support - not the name on the box, that makes the difference.

  • How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments?   Hello Lenovo family. My name is Anel and I am a nurse who also owns a small business (travel agency). I used dell products for my personal and business needs.  My 11-year-old daughter wanted me to buy her a laptop and she did her own research to find out that Lenovo IdeaPad would be a great fit for her needs. I started using her IdeaPad and liked it much better than the dell one that I paid $1200 more than my daughter's Lenovo. My wife and I are extending our small business and I just got some products from Lenovo that I am excited about. I love every single segment of my new Yoga A940 AIO (27") - Iron Grey and ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Intel (14"). They are better devices than any competitors I've had before. I used Dell and apple for years and I will be definitely switching to Lenovo. Lenovo's sophisticated innovations improved my business performance, save me time, and also look better. Even my 11-year-old daughter realized that.