How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments?

How has Lenovo helped you maximize your investments? 

Whether it be tech, time, effort, or finances, we want to hear how Lenovo has helped you!

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  • We have an enterprise contract with Dell.  When Covid started wreaking havoc on supply chains they started falling apart in terms of delivery and supply.  Lenovo was able to get us equipment consistently, and while it's not always the exact same laptop, they have been able to match the pricing we had on our Dell enterprise account and keep us moving without crushing our budget.  Great equipment, and we're looking at possibly changing all our purchases for next year. Thanks Lenovo

  • I work for a non-profit and we rarely have the latest technology due to tight budgets. In the past I've worked with organizations that repurpose used equipment so we can stretch our dollar for the given fiscal year. That approach always worked in the short term but always seemed to be a bad investment over the long term as we had to be changing equipment more frequently. This lead to more disruptions and more labor time in order to maintain this cycle of equipment replacement. I've also worked with the other large computer manufacturers and this was always a process to get non-profit and tax exempt pricing as it seemed the process would change every couple of months. Leading me to relearn their new system and change our purchasing process yet again. James with Lenovo has truly made the tax exemption purchasing of Lenovo products easy and introduced me to the LenovoPro community and purchasing discounts. I feel I get a better product with current technology, at similar discounted rates as the competition, that I don't have to replace as often, from Lenovo without having to jump through all the hoops. Thank you Lenovo, for making the purchasing process for non-profits an easier task.

  • I used to work for a major university that offered Dell and Lenovo laptops with four-year support packages to the students. Dell was more popular with the students, but a large number of Lenovo Thinkpads were purchased as well, many because we’d had the chance to speak to parents about their superior build quality. The Dell laptops had a higher number of hardware failures which very often meant replacing the entire motherboard or LCD display in order to repair. We saw our fair share of Thinkpads, but their problems were typically virus issues or other software issues caused by the students. The Thinkpads, most of them T-series with bracing that protected the internal components better than the Dells, held up against students who were less than careful. The majority of issues that were thought to be hardware were more often related to dust or other debris that was easily removed to restore performance. Thinkpads are rock solid and incredibly reliable machines that were wise investments for the parents, allowing them to focus on tuition and books without having to worry about buying a second laptop to get through school. It’s safe to say most of the Thinkpads survived all 4 years of college and past graduation. They were also a fantastic investment for the university as it cost less to support the warranties on Lenovos than on the Dells, not only with parts and repair, but also in time spent on speaking with their owners panicked over losing their assignments or other data. Offering Lenovo Thinkpads was one of the best IT decisions the university made!

  • I am a solo practitioner - I have my own law practice, representing municipalities and school districts in property tax challenges.  For most of the 22 years of my solo practice, it has been just me, my cell phone, my (emotional) support staff of a couple of stuffed penguins (Opus, from "Bloom County"; if you went to college in the 1980s....), and a succession of T-series ThinkPads - starting with a T40, then a T61, a T400, a T440s, and to my present-day T470s.  My computer is, fundamentally, my entire office; all my files are kept on the computer, and I was an early adopter of scanning - both so that I didn't have to carry a dozen or more physical files to meetings or Court conferences, and, because, no matter how many files you would bring, you're invariably asked about one that you didn't.....My ThinkPads were always good to go, and ready to get the work done; they have regularly run seven days a week, eight to fifteen hours a day....indoors and out, in front of annoyed judges, sarcastic adversaries, bemused clients and family members accepting (to varying degrees) of this appendage....I could not have done this without them.

  • I actually like my Lenovo more than Dell, HP or Apple.  I have had all the other computers and find the Lenovo the best performing compared to the others.  It is fast and very responsive.  I am a work from home investor and my Lenovo really helps me and my company function smoothly.  I bought a medium range laptop and has been the best laptop I have ever owned and I did not need to spend $1,000 plus to get the performance or a high priced laptop.  I purchased one of the lowest cost Lenovo available and I have never regretted it.

    When I turn it on, it comes on faster than my cell phone.  Lenovo Vantage provides many services and functions to help protect and keep my laptop functionally tip top shape as well as just like new.  I often time think "when will this laptop's abilities start deteriorating like all the other laptops I have purchased in the past.  It has been over two years now and my Lenovo still impresses me with it's abilities and performance.  I used to have to buy a new laptop every two years.  I feel it is not necessary and that I would be wasting money because I really love and enjoy my current laptop.  

    The only way I would get a new Lenovo laptop is if my current Lenovo breaks, I become super rich or I win one.  Of course it would be the greatest pleasure to win a Lenovo laptop that is at least three to four times more expensive and greater functionality than mine.  I cannot even  imagine how much better than what I currently have.  It will most likely be like magic and wonders of the world to use a new Lenovo laptop with the kind of capability and abilities that is within the ThinkPad.  

    I would gladly do a full review of it, if I was to be the lucky winner!  Good luck to everyone.

  • Lenove has been a valuable asset to my freelance and art business with their great business computer the one and only "Thinkpad".  Thou, most artists use mac OS, Yes, I own Macs, which they are a great and beautifully built computer, they do have some limitations.  Art and freelance illustration is a business.   Macs are not a business computer. I have personally always been a Windows user probably because of my medical background.  Lenovo Thinkpads are reliable and tough.  I also have to say when one of my Thinkpad computers are down Lenovo has the best service department around.  They have great customer service, get the product to the service department quickly, fix it correctly and get it back to you fast.  Lenovo in my opinion has the best repair service. I have experienced other service from other computer manufactures and nothing comes close to Lenovo. In my opinion for business you have to look at all aspects of the computer company that you are purchasing from.  That is from their products to their repair service.  Lenovo has the best in the business. I also love the aspect that one can download the customer guides and service manuals as well.  Another plus, is the Lenovo Vantage for all Thinkpads, which keeps your computer running a peak performance regardless how old it is.  I have Thinkpads from the T440P to the latest Carbon X1, they are all great.  Another thing about Lenovo is they are not afraid to think outside the box and are always trying to improve their products.  Keep up the great work, Lenovo!

  • As a person with vision disability and the owner of a small business, it is difficult finding a device that allows me to hear what is on my screen. Finding the right screen reading software that can integrate with other installed software is not only very expensive, it is also very cumbersome. These software packages require hugh amounts of storage space, they demand premium processing resources on any computer type and they cause the system to drag when trying to load other software such as inventory management or POS packages.

    While dealing with the struggles of customers having to wait for my reader to catch up, I am left with watching customers walk out the door without making a purchase.

    About two weeks ago a friend of my gave me a Lenovo Chromebook. It is a small laptop but it has a very big sound. For me that is great because audio if my primary medium. What impressed me was the features included the ability to have EVERYTHING on the screen read out loud. More than that, I can customize how text is read such as speed, direction and tempo. I can set it up so that it will only read text contained in a dedicated area of my choice. 

    One of the other features that is helpful is the ability to setup a magnifying area of the screen. This will make everything in that window or the entire screen incrementally larger so I can see it. However, on this small laptop the size of the screen does little to make that feature beneficial for me. When possible I will invest in a laptop with a 15 inch or larger screen. Some have asked "Why don't you get an external monitor?" The short answer is I prefer working with the ability to have portability just like people with better eye sight. There are times when I have to travel with my laptop to do work and having an external monitor is not an option. 

    The lenovo my friend gave me has the speed needed to run all of my software packages without the bottleneck processing and storage problems. It has a few usb ports for added devices which is good and an earphone/mic jack for listening without disturbing others or to do dictations.

    With a new system I will have the ability to work at better speeds, see more of my screen data and be able to take advantage of the built in accessible technology that I need. The really big advantage the new system will bring will be the ability to work through my disability with transparency. You see, for those of you who aren't visually impaired it may be difficult for you to understand our challenges. Along with not seeing the world as you do, we also have to contend with people commenting on how close we have to hold thing to our face to read or see it. We are constantly answering question about "how bad is your eyesight or hearing whispers like "Dang, if he gets any closer to that monitor he's gonna go through it!"

    Having a larger system means I can eliminate some of that. I can increase the text or image on the screen and the customer never has to know about it. Now please don't misunderstand me. I'm not ashamed about my low vision at all. I would just like to be able to focus on business while I'm at work and not in things that serve more as a distraction. I'm just like any other business person trying to make a living for my family and be just as productive as anyone without a disability or who needs certain accommodations.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share and represent others with visual impairments.

  • Hi Eric,

    You are correct with your comments.  I am a registered nurse, who has worked in rehab in the past.  Some people just do

    not get it at times and can be very insensitive.  I say it is their problem and I do not take ownership of it.  It is a sign of a

    small mind. I always think well all of us are born with some type of disability that we have to work around with.  Some are

    more noticeable than others and actually helps enhance creative ways to solve these problems.  For me, I am a double

    dominate dyslexic and yes it was a hard work  to work around it and there are things I do not do very well like play the piano

    or throw a pot on a wheel but it did not stop me from being a professional artist and I learned to think "outside the box". In

    many ways, it can be a blessing.  It is wonderful that you discovered a Lenovo system that works well for you and provides

    the necessary tools for you to be able to run your business.  

  • I've been buying and deploying Lenovo desktop systems as my go-to for quite a few years now I realize. I have a business account with some of the well-known big distributors. Dell has fallen out of favor with me. HP hasn't met my needs in the category. The Lenovo systems have proven to be reliable, well-rounded, arrive with a minimum of bloatware, and get put to task and are consistently working without significant issues. What more can I ask? Okay, one thing of course - price. Regardless that my clients are paying, I still want to find the best bang-for-the-buck for them. I don't mark up hardware, the price is transparent to them. I always find a promo, discount, Etc. That pleases my clients, makes me look good, and shines well on Lenovo. I have put my word on the Lenovo name now without reservation, particularly those that aren't market aware and nose-crunch asking "Lenovo?" I haven't been let down by Lenovo yet! Even those systems in place at a machine shop, a terribly tough environment. I added more there last week and on track for more this week. It's SUCH a relief to have a brand to choose from that I don't need to worry about. So I can do what I help my clients do - focus on the business.

  • Well... As usual, my reply is going to go against the grain... ;-).

    So we're looking for a desktop.

    Plain Jane, nothing special.

    Desktop will be provided to a site inspector (not our employee).

    And given that, it pretty much comes down to price.

    That said, I get an email from LenovoPro & I'm like, what they heck.

    And I click on Desktops.

    That's about the extent of it. Results 0. "0 Matching results."

    Maybe it is my browser?

    (As it is, my browser does not work well on your website. And the typical me, I look at it like, well if you don't want to work with me...)

    Anyhow... I can go to Dell outlet & see their "deals" (none). And Amazon, any number of resellers there are selling refurbs.  LIkewise Bestbuy & Micro Center (again refurbs).