What workflows do you use - or want to use?

Hello all! I'm working on a piece for the Community about workflows and how AI might lend a helping hand. 

I am curious about what workflows you use. 

Examples of workflows might be: 

  • Managing time-off requests
  • Expense reports
  • Requests for access to certain tools and systems
  • Purchase orders
  • Budgets 
  • Contracts 

If you have a minute, please drop a quick comment and let me know what workflows you use (or would like to.)

Thanks so much! 

  • Hey Stephanie! I missed this post some how?! I would love to hear more about workflows everyone is working on, especially how AI can help. 

    Maybe welcome email program writing. Possibly website copy, asset management, generation and processes. Maybe a custom-request concept or a generating a quote? 

  • Hey Beth! Yes, these are all such good uses of workflows helped by AI. Thank you :) 

  • Hello Stephanie I think contracts would be one.

  • I work on different processes and need a lot different workflows like budgets, purchase, sell, cash, ...

    It would be very useful to have theorical examples that could be applied on different businesses.

  • I like Zoho for Zoho sign for contracts, Zoho books for budgets, Zoho desk for email tickets, CRMs, etc. I set my tasks and link in the spreadsheet or whatever needs to be updated at that time, so all I have to do is check my calendar, click on the task, then the link in the task instead of going into the CRM and finding files and things to update. I can log in and check my tasks for payroll, ICs, clients, projects, etc. Click the task and everything is there that I need. it's set to open a new task when I close the current one. It works for my business. Not AI, but automation.