Say hello to some new faces! Lenovo Writing Pros & Intern Kelie!

Some of you may have noticed a few questions, comments and howdys from a few new faces in the Community! We've brought a few of our amazing writers Stephanie H., Erin B. & Rachel M. into the fray as well as our very special intern, Kelie S.! You'll notice our writing cohort Stephanie, Erin & Rachel may ask you questions as they prepare resources for you, creating a poll or two or just connect about the community! It is to your special benefit so engage with them as they write just for the community! And the amazing Kelie has been doing some incredible work on our gaming and education communities! She's very excited to do more work here on the business side so look out for new content, conversations and replies from Kelie! Please give them a very warm welcome and connect with them here in the community!
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