Between cart and confirmation, shipping date jumped by 5 months. Why?

Hi everyone,

I very recently shopped and purchased a ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 CTO. In the cart, the approximate shipping date was ~3 weeks out.

Delivery between 09-27 to 09-29

However, once the Order was confirmed, it jumped to ~5 months.

Est. Delivery 2024-02-25

That is, said nicely, misleading at best.
Is it common? Why such a jump? Anything I can do to speed this up?
I'm thinking of cancelling...

IT consultant

  • I'm glad your situation was resolved.  I had a similar issue with HP, but their customer service was a lot less helpful.  I finally did get the laptop I ordered, but I will likely never purchase from them ever again because of multiple issues about my order.

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