Between cart and confirmation, shipping date jumped by 5 months. Why?

Hi everyone,

I very recently shopped and purchased a ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 CTO. In the cart, the approximate shipping date was ~3 weeks out.

Delivery between 09-27 to 09-29

However, once the Order was confirmed, it jumped to ~5 months.

Est. Delivery 2024-02-25

That is, said nicely, misleading at best.
Is it common? Why such a jump? Anything I can do to speed this up?
I'm thinking of cancelling...

IT consultant

  • Hey  

    I am so sorry about the wild jump! YIKES! I do not know what would cause this.

    Off the top of my mind, I wonder if it's an approximation prior to checkout, then once the order is confirmed, a hard hold is put on the necessary components. Once the inventory information comes back, and certain parts are on back order of some kind, it adjusts the time it'll be ready/the next batch of the low-availability item will be secured to complete the build. 

    I'd be happy to get in touch with my team to see if I can understand the timeline better for you and why that might have happened. Please let me know if you'd like that!

    Thanks and apologies again for the time discrepancy!


  • Hi Beth,

    Please do! I am puzzled as to what part(s) could do this... I may simply change the selection if the part selection is the cause!

    Or I may wait it out if I agree with the reason.



  • Sounds like a significant supply chain issue.  There have also been shipping time issues on Reddit.  This is also a bigger issue caused by things like soldered memory where you can’t just order a lower-spec system and update it once it arrives.  

  • Hi Martin, 

    Wonderful! I have just reached out and I will let you know when I hear back when I hear back!



  • Hi,

    Quick update: The online date changed to October 2023 after I called Lenovo Pro. I haven't called back for the reason yet, I plan to call Friday.

    EDIT: Shipped!


  • OMG. That is... wow! Really? Lol - just goes to show you can get a quicker answer by calling us sometimes LOL. 

    I am SO happy to hear it has shipped already even if we don't know how to went so fast! Amazing!

    Thank you for the fantastic updates and your question Martin! I hope you enjoy your new laptop Grin

  • I'm glad your situation was resolved.  I had a similar issue with HP, but their customer service was a lot less helpful.  I finally did get the laptop I ordered, but I will likely never purchase from them ever again because of multiple issues about my order.