Finally earned ELITE status and things have gotten WORSE

Maybe someone here could help me … I had a great sales rep that gave me a generous discount on 25 Lenovo X1 laptop. I believe from that 1 order of 25 laptops I earned ELITE status.

I was told with ELITE, I’d get more dedicated support but instead my sales rep has ghosted me; Voicemail always full so I can’t leave a message, emails go unresponsive. 

Of the 25 X1 laptops, some were faulty with overheating issues… I received zero support from my sales rep.

I called Lenovo Support, but they didn’t care if i am ELITE or not. They basically said they cannot do RMA’s in bulk and gave me the run around.

When I call Lenovo Sales, they dont mind taking my order, but never fulfill my request for a new dedicated sales rep.

Am I the only one who’s experiencing this?

  • Hey   I am so sorry about the change in support seemingly connected with your update in tier status. That sounds super frustrating and I am so sorry we haven't been able to give you what you deserve in terms of dedication, communication and support. 

    I'd love to grab my magic wand and fix it all like PRESTO. However, I don't have one (I should get one though, hmmm) and my options are limited because I am not equipped to support unfortunately. But! I can reach out to my team to see if someone can connect with you to discuss options to support you and your X1s. 

    I'm so sorry we've made you feel worth taking your order for but not display the follow up and post-purchase support you deserve after the fact.

    I'd love to do what I can to help. Please let me know and I hope we can make improve your experience as soon as possible! 

  • Hi Beth, I'd appreciate any help you can provide because like I said phone support was very generic. I am looking for a real Lenovo Sales/Account manager that I can reach out to for pricing, ordering, and any thing else that arises from doing business with Lenovo. Thanks in advance!

  • Hey Anthony, Got it. I am on it! Let me get in touch with them RIGHT now and see if we can't match you with a relationship contact! Thanks for raising your needs here so I can try and help! Please stay tuned and an eye on your inbox. ~ Beth

  •   From my experience with Lenovo your sales rep is not going to be able to help with support issues.  They don't have the knowledge or access to the info that you will need.  That is not just with Lenovo. When I worked at Gateway years ago, and from years of buying from Dell, I have never had a sales rep that could also do support other than directing me who to contact.  I do agree that you should be able to reach your dedicated sales rep.    

  • Hi Beth, it's been 5 days since your reply. Any progress on getting me a dedicated rep to speak to with my "Elite" membership?

  • Hi Ray, the unique issue here was that I placed a bulk order of 25 Lenovo X1 laptops with this sales rep. I assume he received a nice commission on that. My expectation was that he would assist with a small % of those laptops having overheating issues. 

  • Hi ! Yes - My team member Shaun should have reached out to you on Friday, August 25th. Have you not received his communication yet?

    1. Nobody reached out and without stating a last name, Shaun is the current absentee rep whose voicemail box is always full and does not respond to emails. Can I get another rep assigned? This can’t be this hard! 

  • I have bought 40 at a time, all the sales rep was ever able to do is refer to support.  I don't even attempt to contact my sales rep for support issues any more.  I will say I rarely have problems getting in touch with my sales rep. 

  • Hello, I found that my YOGA  that did not power up. As a result of this, I logged into Lenovo Pro Business, scrolled down, and clicked on support. I had to write an email with the serial number and a detailed description of the issue, and I also sent pictures, and there was an opportunity for me to send a video of the problem. A ticket was created, and a response was generated. Support provided instructions within 7 business days as to what I needed to do. I sent the machine to the support center, and after some time, it was repaired.   It took some time, patience, and attention to detail. I never called anyone.