Favorite Lenovo Innovator?

One program at Lenovo is aligning with innovative individuals pursuing their goals and bettering their communities with their vision, talent and goals through Lenovo tech. 

Have you met them yet? Did you know about this program? Do you have a favorite innovator or one you want to follow along with?

Let us know your thoughts below after checking out this years Lenovo Innovators Sunglasses

  Karim has dedicated the last 10 years to helping low-income, inner-city children growing up succeed academically. At 18, he started Practice Makes Perfect organization and supported over 20,000 children across NYC.

  Callie is a marine biologist, conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, United Nations Youth Representative and Fellow at The Explorers Club and founder of The Leatherback Project.

  Marcus is a Creative Director, Producer and Speaker working in the fashion, medical and art industries. He creates and produces artistic, educational and innovative empowerment campaigns and mental health programs for patients with scoliosis.

  Jess is a third grade teacher who loves to interact and connect with adults and empower her students. One of her favorite things to do is create videos that are humor centered around teachers.

   Julian is a pilot and founder of Pet Rescue Pilots, a non-profit that flies pets out of crowded shelters and lands them safely in the arms of rescue groups, fosters, and forever families.

  Laura is an Austrian marine biologist. When she is not underwater planting and helping save coral reefs, she is on the water surfing the waves.

  Marlu is a world traveling Makeup Artist/ Licensed Esthetician passionate about educating people about cleaner, safer ingredients in our personal care products and empowering beauty in women affected by cancer, survivors of domestic violence, and other communities where her gifts impact meaningful change. Marlu is also committed to advocating for stricter legislation for ingredients allowed in all of our personal care products.

   Kamrin is a sustainable fashion blogger, stylist and influencer. She heavily relies on digital content creation to share how to be sustainable not only in fashion, but in your home and daily life.

  Dr. Favia is a physician, professional rock climber, animal lover, cancer survivor, and photographer. Her mission is to promote health and diversity through medicine and rock climbing.

  • This is an excellent program. From what I can gather, the Lenovo Innovator program is a great opportunity for students, entrepreneurs, and developers to gain access to the latest technology. Participants in this program can develop their innovative projects and share them with the world. With over 100 million users worldwide, Lenovo Innovator provides a platform for creators to explore their ideas and impact the industry. From innovative new products to software development, Lenovo Innovator provides the necessary resources for participants to turn their ideas into reality. Participants can access exclusive materials and tutorials as well as gain valuable feedback from industry professionals and mentors in the areas of technology, design, business development, and marketing. Lenovo Innovator also offers guided mentorship programs on a variety of topics. These programs are designed to help participants develop their ideas and projects in the most efficient manner possible. Furthermore, Lenovo Innovator also offers opportunities for students and entrepreneurs to exhibit their projects at global events such as tech conferences and startup fests, which provide excellent visibility for aspiring innovators.

  • I will be one of these people.