Suspect email address.

I called into Lenovo to discuss a warranty discrepancy, and the person I spoke to wanted me to send the proof or purchase to a non email address.  He wanted me to send it to   I looked up that name and Lenovo and found some posts on Lenovo forums.   I did a whois check and mxlookup and don't see any connection to Lenovo other than old forum posts.   It looks like it is legit based off of the forum posts, but that seems off that a company as big as Lenovo is having people send that type of info to a non descript email address.  can you verify that this is a real Lenovo address?  

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  • Hmmmm. That is very interesting. Thinking Let me check with my team and look into this. Not familiar with this address but you never know! I will let you know what I hear.

  • Hey   So my team got back to me and yes indeed, this is a valid address. 

    My gal Maria said it's a partner of ours who receives and directs the request to Lenovo. As an alternative, she mentioned that in order to have a device´s date change, you might consider contacting and providing us with the device´s serial number as well as a copy of the End User´s invoice in a non-editable format such a .PDF or .JPG.

    How does that sound?

  • Thanks for checking.  

  • Of course, anytime. Thanks for asking!