New business, new office, new gadgets? What technology do we need in the beginning?

What tech do you need to consider in the beginning of your business or entrepreneurial journey?

If you are just starting out, the options are endless though your budget probably isn't. 

So where do you start? How do you pick the right equipment, software, tools and other necessary items for you, your business and your [growing] team?

If you've been there done that, please share your experience below! 

  • As a financial consultant, my main work tool is the laptop. it must be efficient, robust to support travel and databases as well as ERPs.
    Basic installations: (antivirus, mircrosoft office,...)
    the second equally necessary tool is the smartphone for customer calls, quick emails and files.
    the other very useful tools are related to the presentation in meetings, video, audio, ...
  • Infrastructure and continuing costs. I spend a lot of time thinking about and designing the basic infrastructure of my projects - what I will need, where I will get it, what it will cost - based on lots of reading. It's not in-depth research so much as reading through the plentiful guides, summaries, and reviews that are available. Process design is just careful thought about step by step implementation. It's worked well for me. One project, for example, needed only minor changes from the original design over a 9 year period.

  • It's important to start out with the basics, which can vary depending on one's role and/or objectives. I'm a webmaster and IT Manger, therefore, it's important that I have a laptop or preferably a desktop PC, and my smartphone.  Moreover, I like a lot of desktop real estate, therefore, a 32" monitor is my bare minimum with at least 1440p resolution, preferably 4K. When you're just starting out, it's important to consider the following tech needs for your business:
    Communication tools: This includes things like email, video conferencing, and project management software. These tools will help you stay connected with your team and clients, and they'll make it easier to collaborate on projects.
    Customer relationship management (CRM) software: This software will help you track your customers and their interactions with your business. This is essential for providing excellent customer service and for growing your business.
    Website and e-commerce platform: If you're selling products or services online, you'll need a website and an e-commerce platform. This will allow you to showcase your products or services, and it will make it easy for customers to purchase them.
    Security software: This is essential for protecting your business data from cyberattacks.
    Cloud storage: This will allow you to store your business data in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

    Once you've considered these basic needs, you can start to think about more specific tech solutions for your business. For example, if you're in the creative industry, you might need software for graphic design, video editing, or photography. If you're in the healthcare industry, you might need software for electronic medical records (EMRs). The best way to choose the right tech for your business is to start by understanding your needs. What are the most important tasks that you need to accomplish? What kind of data do you need to store and manage? Once you know your needs, you can start to research different tech solutions.
    Here are some additional tips for choosing the right tech for your business:
    Start with a budget: How much money are you willing to spend on tech? This will help you narrow down your options.
    Consider your long-term needs: Don't just buy the cheapest or most basic tech solution. Think about how your business might grow in the future, and choose a solution that will be able to grow with you.
    Make sure the tech is easy to use: You don't want to spend your time learning how to use complicated tech. Choose a solution that is easy to use and that your team will be able to learn quickly.
    Make sure the tech is secure: Your business data is important, so you need to make sure it is secure. Choose a tech solution that has strong security features.

  • You need at least a computer that can run basic software - word processing, spreadsheet, contact management, task list and then you can always use the spreadsheet to keep tracking of various things until you get to the point you need dedicated software that makes it easier.  What you need to focus on is what product or service you are selling and what will help you sell it.  But you do not need to start with software, tools that scales to whatever limit you think your business will achieve.  

  • Businesses and entrepreneurs must carefully consider the technology available to them when starting. One of the most important choices is the type of laptop they choose for their day-to-day operations. Lenovo laptops are an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful, reliable machine with plenty of features.

    Lenovo laptops boast impressive processors such as Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen CPUs, and up to 16GB RAM. Their ample range of features makes them suitable for both business and creative tasks. Their graphics cards also offer excellent performance in gaming, audio/video editing, photo editing, and more.

    Lenovo laptops come with various helpful features, such as fingerprint ID security technology for added protection, optional touchscreen technology, and an HDMI port for connection to other monitors or TVs. With their long battery life and impressive storage options, Lenovo laptops can accommodate all kinds of tasks.

    Lenovo laptops are designed with a modern aesthetic, making them look as professional as they feel. They also come in multiple colors, so businesses and entrepreneurs can choose the laptop that best suits their needs.

    Overall, Lenovo laptops are an excellent choice for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get the most out of their technology solutions.

  • A couple things that come to mind would be a productivity device such as a computer (probably ideal) or maybe an advanced tablet for some others.  Outside of that I would say a way of communication, whether its a livechat/chatting program and/or phone.  Outside of emailing you kind of need a more "realtime" solution and a livechat or phone line would be more preferable.

  • I simply needed good word processing & sharing software, reliable communication tools, & safe backup for copies & versons

  • Right laptop or desktop, good and dependable backup software (critical!), right software tools (in my case - Microsoft 365, MindManager, QB), and, a great webcam and headset.

  • I think the biggest mistake is believing that you need to have a large amount of devices and software to get things done. People will spend their entire working capital on software subscriptions that do not have a return on investment and that limits your ability to invest that money into more useful aspects of the business. You do not necessarily need accounting software, and if you do not have employees, you almost certainly do not need it. The key is not only only finding what you need, but realizing what you don't need.

  • definitely a computer, then internet. Everything else cascades from there, but it all begins with the idea, some funds and equipment.