Suggestions for Fool-proof Conference Room TV

Our conference room TVs are a constant source of frustration. Often when a new person uses, they cycle through all of the inputs, change settings, and leave it unusable by the next person. Our current system in our main conference room also has a speaker bar.

Do any of you all have recommendations for a TV/speaker system that is either super simple or has robust administrative controls that would prevent users from accidentally changing settings they don't need to change?

  • On some TVs you can turn off inputs so when you press the Input button, it only shows the inputs you need. Does everyone just use the single HDMI input or do you have multiple devices that are connected to the TV?

  • It's always through a single HDMI cable connected to the user's laptop.

  • If you can turn off all the inputs except for the one HDMI, that would make a lot harder for people to press the input button and change the input to any thing else. You might have to look at the TV manual to do that. I've done this before on Panasonic and Sony TVs.

  • I'll look into it. I think I'll try limiting the inputs if the TV allows it, using a 6-button remote, and using a soundbar with fewer inputs. I'll probably also add in a few labels with instructions.