Suffering to get Refund from Months

I am a Pro Reseller selling in both the US and Canada for over a year. I always have a difficult time dealing with the Lenovo Team. I don't know how they manage such a big company. We used to give Lenovo more than $100,000 worth of business per year, but we have stopped our sales now, and nobody seems to care.

I have more than 20 orders returned from US-CAN customs months ago. They have been received by the warehouse team. However, I have been following up with everyone, and nobody is resolving the issue. We have had a couple of meetings with the RM and his managers, and they seemed helpful during the meetings, but then they turned around afterward. I have sent many emails to the NAAR Team, but they claim they haven't received the credit. I have also made many calls to the customer support team, but they have all been unhelpful.

We are resellers of many different brands, and I have never witnessed such poor management. I don't understand how a company of such reputation has no professional foundation.

We dont want to work with Lenovo but I need my rerfunds. Could someone help me to obtain a refund?

  • I have also had problems with returns for only a small amount of gear. I agree with Hakeem in that I am becoming more and more relunctant to recommend Lenovo to my clients. This situation needs to get fixed. Neither Dell nor Microsoft have given me problems like this. Lenovo, are you listening to your customers? 

  • Hi  

    I am so sorry to hear about the trouble you've had returning and getting refunded for the 20 machines from some months.

    There honestly isn't much I can do myself, especially within the reseller realm you are in, but I will try and get you re-connected to a few contacts on my team who might be able to assist. 

    Thank you for sharing your experience and let me see if I can help you in anyway get this resolved.


  • Hi  

    I am very sorry to hear this is something you have also experienced. I can assure you that I am listening to all you have to say! 

    I will continue to share and raise the general experience y'all are having in hopes of improving our care. Obviously we want to provide you the best experience possible and I am grieved to hear that you and Haleem have not had the experience we aim to deliver. 

    Is there something specific I can help you with by any chance? Otherwise, please know that I hear you and hope to improve whatever experience I can! 


  • I am not surprised. When I bought my Lenovo tablet, they couldn't even send it to me with the proper software configuration. They replaced it once, but the problem persisted. When I pursued the issue on the second tablet, I got circular responses and eventually ignored.

    They wouldn't fix an issue on a $300 order, I cannot imagine they would want to refund tens of thousands more, especially knowing they've lost your business.

  • Hi Beth,

    I hope you will take care of it, but believe me, there are many things you need to improve at Lenovo. I have observed Lenovo closely, and your team works incredibly slowly. Even one person on my team can outperform 10 at Lenovo.

    And you know, nobody cares, even when a seller who places more than 100 orders in a month has stopped sales. This clearly shows that either you don't care about the company's reputation or you are simply counting the hours and the paycheck. You need to hire somebody who really works for the reseller not just taking the commission. You bulit such a big brand, but dont know how to maintain it. This clealy shows the expertice of the management level.

    I apologize for being so blunt, but I hope you can understand my frustration.

  • To add to this, my experience was:

    1. Phone support that did not know the equiment, let alone the specific issues
    2. Reluctance or outright refusal to let me speak to a supervisor or someone who DID know the equipment
    3. Insistance that support had to be via phone when I want a written track record to refer back to

    4. Ultimately, being stonewalled until my warranty conveniently ran out.

    I agree with Haleem, you have great products and terrible support. The truth is, as a retailer for 32 years, customers would rather have average products and great support than great products and incompetent support.

    It isn't what you sell, it is service after the sale, and especially how you respond to complaints, that make a one-time purchaser a repeat buyer.

  • Hi Haleem, 

    I am simply one woman who cares about y'all even if I can only help a little bit. No promises but my best effort! 

    Despite your experience, I do honestly care. I am not in the reseller space to extend that care to you in that area, but I hope we can figure it out. 

    I appreciate your observations and recommendations - we've obviously missed the mark here on your care and I'm gonna do what I can to help! Again, not much, just a woman with a laptop over here, but happy and willing to help if I can! 

    I am in touch with my team now and they are assessing my request for you. Please stay tuned!


  • Hi Steven, 

    I am very sorry to hear that your experience has been sub-par. 

    I can completely understand the frustration you have with your experience and the lack of clear, helpful and timely support. 

    I agree with you about support and the relationship - that is what we try to do here! 

    If there is anything specific I can help you with, please let me know. 



  • Today I got another Stupid reply from Lenovo saying they dont received the items at the warehouse. They just find every excuse to NOT TO WORK. Becase its more than 20 orders which was received by the warehouse 3 months before, who will work to find the delivery status. Just kick the customer back, he'll comeback to us with the tracking number. 

    I spend my hours to find the return relivery nubmers and send to them this morning. Who will pay for my time I am spending in following this stupid people. I am gonna take the legal action for the loss of time and money. 

    Neither my RM can solve this issue, nor his manager, nor Accounts or the warehouse team. What the F*** I am dealing with this people. Can I have the CEO contact ?? I wanna see if he's the same. 

    I need the money for the loss of my time now.

  • Hello  

    I respect you, your business and desire to get your return processed. I apologize again for the negative experience you are having. 

    However, this community is a positive space for creativity, business development and IT strategy conversations. 

    I personally manage this space and the conversations, opinions, ideas and communication that happen here on behalf of Lenovo Pro. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that we can help get your refund resolved although I have very limited customer support capacity to even do so. 

    However, please note that I will enforce the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined this community, including moderation of this thread if necessary. This is not a place  to disrespect myself or my colleagues, all of whom ARE working to do what we can in the best capacity we have to assist right now, however inadequate it has been so far - myself, Michael, Jonathan and the rest of the team. Common business respect in lack of cuss words is expected. 

    If you can not comply with the terms you agreed to, I can place a hold on your account for you. 

    Thank you. Please understand that, regardless, I am doing what I can to help and will continue to do so even if that means just in the background and no longer in the Community space.