Lenovo Pro + Collaboration - thoughts?

We'd love to know: How has Lenovo Pro and Lenovo products enhanced your collaboration efforts?

You know we're here to help you do business 'smarter', and that includes providing you the tools and support you need to collaborate with your team and staff, no matter where and how you work.

  • We'd love to hear your stories and insights on the impact of Lenovo Pro membership on fostering teamwork and productivity in your organization.
  • What pain points has Lenovo Pro solved for you? 
  • What pain points are you currently facing that you wonder if Lenovo Pro can help with?

Leave your comments and questions below so you can get the most from Lenovo Pro membership!


  • Lenovo is a brand that I can trust. I let my global customers know this fact daily. This brand is well known, and this fact helps with my business's credibility. 

    In our organization, Lenovo Pro membership has had a tremendous impact on fostering teamwork and productivity. We have seen increased collaboration amongst colleagues, leading to faster project completions and more efficient workflows. Team members are now able to access essential information quickly and accurately, allowing for greater transparency and accountability when working together.

    We have also seen an improvement in the quality of communication within teams. Team members now have access to shared documents, making it easier to give feedback and collaborate across departments. This streamlined approach has made it easier for team members to stay connected with one another, even during remote work or when projects require multiple locations or time zones.

    Finally, Lenovo Pro membership has enabled us to take advantage of a wide range of cloud-based services, such as file sharing and storage, video conferencing, task management tools, online tools for tracking project progress, and more. These services help us save time by automating tasks that would require manual input from team members and managers. We’re able to manage resources better this way, providing us with better insights into how our teams are performing at any given time.

    Overall, Lenovo Pro membership has been extremely beneficial in enabling our organization to foster teamwork and improve productivity levels significantly - something we could not have achieved without the support of the program.

  • I generally work alone these days, so haven't seen much of an impact.

  • Still getting the feel of this community.

  • lenovo Pro has great tip and trick we hear about in the community.. and the offerings of value and discount Lenovo offers on its products helps keep me up to date and working with the most efficient tools

  • Collaboration tools made by Lenovo are super helpful. Like small travel equipment to connect with team member. And the collaboration of tips and tricks from the pro community is super helpful 

  • First of all, I have an excellent work tool that allows me to prepare my reports and communicate thanks to Lenovo.
    Then, thanks to Lenovo Pro, I appreciate the different interventions that give us a vision (outside my field).
    I think I will be able to benefit more regularly from the very interesting conferences offered, as well as from the know-how of others.
    I was surprised how much Lenovo Pro boosts the careers of others, with professional communications (ex: Queen Latifa), or marketing and communication tips.
    it promises !
  • Lenovo products work well with other products so it helps me to work easily with other people who bring their own inferior non-Lenovo devices. Generally speaking a business cannot survive if the ability to communicate with one another is impaired, so it is important that everyone be on the same page so things will be as seam less as possible.

  • It gives a small discount, which is nice. Having a sales person I can email with questions has been convenient for me.

  • Nothing specific to Lenovo per-se, but defiantly being collaborative and working with my team is necessary.  Also asking others for help when needed will help in ensuring accuracy.