Depot Repair

In previous posts have talked about how truly awful the depot repair was.  It was to the point that I now spend extra money to get onsite repair so I don't have to deal with them.  One of my older laptops that was still under warranty needed some parts replaced so I had to send it to the depot.  It is a completely different experience now.  I was emailed when the laptop was received and every time it moved to the next stage.  I sent it out last week and got it back yesterday in perfect condition.  I hope all of my experiences are like this going forward.  

  • Great post  I had won a YOGA from Lenovo and it had a bad motherboard. I shipped it back and they returned another quickly. The steps were emailed to me and I was quite happy!

  • Wow! Ray, that is awesome to hear. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I too hope the same thing for you. 

  • the remarks are taken into consideration to improve. It is all in their honor.

    = RELIABLE !

  • I have always received great service on my business products. I've never had to wait longer than 5-10 minutes on hold to speak to someone. I had to contact Lenovo for a monitor and unfortunately, it was their consumer side and I had to wait on hold for over 30 minutes. Of the 300+ Lenovo ThinkPads I've purchased in the last 12 years, I and my team have only had to deal with warranty depot repair about 10 times. Most of the time, we had amazing service and turnaround. The only issue we had was the last one, which took a little longer due to parts availability.

    I do love the email notifications of the status of the repair and even the Repair Depot just receiving the item was a good reassurance.