Does anyone have an exotic destination vacation planned? Do you dream about going to a particular place?

Does anyone dream of going to an exotic place? Do you think one has to speak the language to go to their dream getaway? What are you thoughts?

  • I want to go to Utah to visit the national parks. I do not know how exotic those places are, but they certainly look like a different world.

  • They all look like fun places.

  • I think my preferences aren't the typical 'exotic' places (most involve mountains, Japan or both!), but I don't think you need to speak the local language in order to go! It can help, but it can be just as much fun to explore without knowing every little detail around you.

  • I live in Colorado Blush Most people travel halfway around the world to see what I can see in just an hour's drive. My wife and I have been exploring the state for 7 years now and still have a lot to see! It's not "exotic" anymore, but every now and then it'll take my breath away.

    I've been to Hawaii once and definitely want to go back. I loved it!

  • Aaron, for most of us, Japan is an awesome destination.

  • Japan is amazing. I agree with Daniel.

  • Hawaii and Colorado have a lot to offer.

  • I don't have any destination planned for the rest of this year. My family and I just came back from Costa Rica two weeks ago. Speaking the language does help to get by if you are not in the tourist areas. I only know a few words in Spanish but my wife is fluent so that helped us. Most of the locals knew some English.

    But for dream locations, my top three are: Iceland, Antarctica, and Galapagos Islands

  • All five of the National Parks in southern Utah are amazing! Zion NP and Bryce Canyon NP are only two hours apart and they are so different and beautiful in their own ways. Unfortunately, they started limiting the number of people who can hike up to Angel's landing. It's a hard hike but definitely worth it. One portion of Zion I would like to go back and see is "The Subway". You will need a permit for that.

  •   and  , fair enough! I think I was thinking more tropical/vacation-y sort of places? But Japan does have its own charm and alure. Mount fuji