Metaverse - What's your take?

This thread is inspired by the discussions elsewhere regarding the metaverse's application to business. In short, I find this topic fascinating and wanted to carry it further beyond the business applications into questions about the metaverse, it's current lineup, and what might lie ahead for it in the future. While I don't intend to center solely on Meta's "metaverse" concept, much of the current talk around the metaverse right now does center around that particular iteration.

Some articles to get things started:

Financial Times - Whatever happened to the metaverse?

Financial Times - On your marks, headset, go: my surprising, scary trip to the metaverse

Business Insider - Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the metaverse is 'not the majority of what we're doing'

My opening question is: What do you make of the metaverse? Is it dying/dead? Not yet in its prime? Does Meta's vision perhaps not contain all its potential?

Would love to hear thoughts, read other articles, etc. on the topic if anyone would like to discuss!

  • As someone who usually gets excited about new tech, I find myself unimpressed by the metaverse. I don't really see what the value of it will be, and that's the question that will need to be clearly answered to gain widespread enthusiasm from the average person. The main purposes so far seem to be gaming and video chatting. Is that the extent of the dream?

    These are just my thoughts. I admit I don't actually keep up with the news and hype surrounding it. I'm curious to hear what you think about it and how you would answer those questions.

  • The metaverse is far from dead or dying, and the potential of its vision has yet to be fully realized. It is currently being used in various settings, such as senior living communities, educational institutions, and medical facilities. As technology continues to develop, it may become even more integral to our lives in the future.

    In senior living communities, metaverse technology is used to create virtual environments that allow residents to interact with each other as if they were in the same room. The residents also can tune into the past by listening to music or experiencing a play or a show.

    Additionally, metaverse technology has spurred educational innovation and increased student access to resources worldwide. Medical professionals have also begun using metaverse platforms for remote consultations and telehealth services. All of these uses demonstrate the metaverse's potential to revolutionize the way we interact with one another.

    It is clear that metaverse technology has yet to reach its peak, and as it continues to be explored and utilized in more ways, its potential for global impact will only increase. As metaverse platforms continue to gain popularity, it is worth considering how these technologies can continue to be used meaningfully. With its immense potential, metaverse technology could become an integral part of our lives in the future.

    The metaverse is still evolving and growing, and it has already revolutionized the way that people interact with one another. With its potential for increased access to resources, senior living, educational innovation, and telehealth services, metaverse technology shows no signs of dying or becoming obsolete. Instead, metaverse's vision continues to contain more potential than ever before as new uses are explored. It is clear that the metaverse has yet to reach its peak and will likely become an even more significant part of our lives. As metaverse technology continues to be adopted across different sectors and industries, it is an excellent opportunity to consider how this technology can be used in meaningful ways that benefit society as a whole. With its immense potential, metaverse could revolutionize the way we interact with one another on a global scale.

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     , can you point to examples of what you said? I'd personally like to believe it is a step in the right direction, but I am also highly skeptical of Meta's take on the "metaverse" and wonder if we mean the same thing in answering my initial questions. Just genuinely curious.

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    Your thoughts resonate with mine. I don't think that is the extent of the dream, especially how the "Father of the metaverse" sees it even today. (It's difficult to find a good Neal Stephenson article on the metaverse that doesn't attempt to embellish things, but this interview does a good job at painting a profile of who he is and might give a glimpse as to what the metaverse concept started as.)

    That said, I see the current 'Meta' iteration of the metaverse as an early-stages, possibly even set to fail, rendition that is nonetheless visionary and trying to open new ground. I'm just not convinced it will get there, especially since facebook seems more intent on monetizing everything it touches than actually creating something viable long-term (full disclosure: I have never ventured into Meta's metaverse. As meta as that may sound.) However, I am hopeful that the trend is toward some sort of digital plane in which activities, transactions, business, games etc. can take place parallel to physical reality.

    So, my answers are: [See above], Yes it is dying (as Meta envisions it), Yes it is not yet in its prime (as the concept stands to be expressed), Yes it is not at full potential under Meta's ursurption.

  • Sure  My mother's nurse like to play games with her using the goggles as well as encouraging her to move her arms. She believes that some of the my averse is very exciting which keeps her young. I have used the Meta verse in my classes because the students really enjoy the rewards that the platform brings. When thinking about the Meta verse as a whole it has a long way to go but it has potential and is used in certain situations now. It remains to be seen if it catches on or not. The Metaverse is pricy. Maybe we are not thinking on the same page. 

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    Okay, that helps me understand where you're coming from. It's neat to hear how people are actually using it, especially since price is a big factor for me (and I assume others) as not jumping on the bandwagon immediately. I am curious to see what happens to it all, though, as I can definitely see niche applications of it at the very least.

  • I have had people ask me if there are ways to experience motorcycle riding, horse back riding or even jumping out of a plane. 

  • "I have never ventured into Meta's metaverse. As meta as that may sound"


    Another new and interesting way.Thanknyou WIRED.

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    I hesitate to wonder what that is like! I just rewatched Tomorrowland (which has some VR/metaverse-like aspects to it) and between that and the second article I posted (re: the real-world side effects of the metaverse immersion experience), I'd hate to think about what would happen in the disconnect between extreme metaverse experiences and the real-world consequences. Kind of chilling if you consider even more nefarious uses apart from the legitimate curiosities.