What do you wish from the 2020s was in the 80s? Or from the 80s in the 20s?

What do you wish you had in modern day 2023 from the 80s? Whether a cool tech product, piece of advice, fashion accessory or anything in between - what do you wish you had from today back then?

On the flip side, is there something you wish you had from the 80s in your day-to-day life today in 2023?

If not anything you wish you HAD, but maybe something you wish was still in-style or popular? 

Share your thoughts below - back to the future! 

  • I'd love to have a tall laptop screen again. 3:2 or even 4:3. You could get a lot more text document on the screen, and nobody was trying to watch movies. That and a great keyboard.

    Back then, of course, I wish I'd had the fast, ubiquitous internet we do now. Even today's US broadband speeds would have been a miracle then.

  • That vest Marty is wearing in the meme looks pretty cool. I'd take one of those

  • I like pickleball more than tennis.  Would have been fun to have widespread in the 80s.  The only thing I miss from the 80s is people.

  • I wish the good music from the 80's was happeing in the 2020's

  • I agree with  nobody seems to make good music anymore, even though the 80's is alittle early for me I am more from the 90's, music just doesn't seem the same anymore.

  • What i like from thé past is contact

    before, to discuss with someone, we needed to be on thé same place. Thé phone was not used for hours, so we needed to Meet.

  • The only tech from today that I might have appreciated in the 80's would be an ink jet printer, I don't miss the sound of a dot matrix printer. I am sure we have all seen the meme's about how the 80's were a special time.  We were kind of the last generation of innocence. With the explosion of the internet in the 90's, everything (good and bad) became available to everyone. 

  • Agreed. And with all the apps & search engines & wealth of knowledge working smoothly.

  • Oh, good questions! Hmm... I would want physical media to be more prevalent (especially music!) or even see Blockbusters again here in the 2020s. That or Reading Rainbow - both seem necessary today.

    Back then... Advice to invest in tech? Is that a bad thing to want? (Though we know how much messing with bets and such messed with Marty's timeline!)