80s Throwback - Pictures & Memories

Oh the 80s, what a decade of fashion, pop culture, and world events. So much to love, and maybe not to love...

What about YOU in the 80s and your style? Share a throw-back picture of you or your life in the 80s, dressed in 80s fashion or a favorite moment from the 80s. 

Don't want to throwback in pictures - what about memories? What is a great memory you have from the 80s - tech or otherwise?

Please share below and count your lucky stars mullets out of style these days... 

  • We can work Quicker, smarter, efficiently, objectively a huge quantity of transactions 

  • We got our first computer - an IBM PC with two(!) 5 1/4 floppy drives.

  • I wasn't even a thought in the 80s. But this is my Mom, Stephanie, from 1986! 

  • I thank my lucky stars I don’t have enough hair for a mullet. 

  • The 80s would be well in the rearview by the time I came on the scene, but I hope to run into this guy sometime.

  • The 80s was a time of technological change and advancement. This technology changed how people interacted with technology, broadened our understanding of the world, and made technology accessible to more people than ever before. One great memory I have from the years from 1987 to 2003, when Asian technology first affected the world. It was truly impressive to witness technology, such as media players and game consoles, that we now take for granted, becoming mainstream products. The way technology progressed over the decade was truly inspiring, and looking back now serves as a reminder of just how far technology has come in such a short period of time.

  • I will have to look up some photos from the 80s. I was a skinny asian-american kid with messed-up hair and big glasses.

    The 80s was my first experience with computers. I remember getting the Commodore 64 as a gift. I've played a lot of games, learned to type, learned BASIC programming, convinced my parents to buy a 5-1/4 floppy drive, and made my first color print. In high school, I was introduced to the IBM PC XT, learning PASCAL, and Apple Macintosh SE.

    I also purchased my first three cameras in the 80s. I love taking photographs and I was a photographer for the high school yearbook and newspaper.

  • My memory of the 80s are the cartoons I would watch after school everyday at 4 such as Masters of the Universe and Thundercats.