Learning New Information

I know some people who prefer to watch videos to learn new information, i also know people who prefer to learn new information just by reading.  I know other people who like to see things demonstrated and read about it at the same time.

What is your preference for how you learn new information?  Is there a specific website that you have used to help you learn new information?

  • I think videos are generally more helpful because you can see  things actually being done.

  • YouTube has actually been a lot of help to me, both professionally and in hobbies. I do like to learn from a real person best though. It just keeps me focused!

  • Videos are great but I still prefer written instructions. I like the ease to jump to a certain section which is difficult in a video.

  • For quick answers in a subject I'm familiar with, I prefer written articles. For more in-depth learning, I prefer videos, generally.

  • I like a combination of things. The reading helps me intake the data, the explanations/videos help clarify the concepts, and the demonstrations helps solidify the applications and uses.