What are your travel plans for 2023

I love to travel and explore new places, see the culture and eat local food. In 2022, I went to Mexico City for the first time and I've also traveled to Utqiagvik, Alaska. (Also known as Barrow, it's the northernmost city in the US) While in Mexico, I ate chapulines which are grasshoppers.

This year, my wife and I are looking at going to Costa Rica. I'm also looking at a trip to New York City in the fall.

What are your travel plans for 2023?

  • Love to travel overseas and domestic! We have a travel trailer we will do some trips in to look at possible retirement areas but will have work with us so it won't be 100% fun. The big trip is 3 weeks in New Zealand and we aren't bringing any files for sure!

  • So jealous! I can't wait to get to NZ! That is amazing. I hope you have an amazing time!!!

  • and the best part is the not taking work part! Usually we stay available for any questions or info from attorneys or landowners or other appraisers because there are always deadlines and always keep a hard drive of all our work records past and present with us no matter where we might be going. Because of the time difference we won't be available much. I am not complaining!

  • That is amazing. Real estate sounds like it keeps you busy - not bringing work sounds like a terrific perk! Also, have you planned anything specific for your trip yet? 'Touristy' as it is, I'd love to get to the LOTR trail...

  • Hobbiton and Tongariro NP which was used for Mt. Doom (with a lot of cgi) and then a lot of national parks on the south island. LOTR makes it look so amazing. But I am out on orcs.

  • Hahaha, that is amazing Laura. I hope you have an incredible time!!!

  • Hahaha, that is amazing Laura. I hope you have an incredible time!!!

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