What are your travel plans for 2023

I love to travel and explore new places, see the culture and eat local food. In 2022, I went to Mexico City for the first time and I've also traveled to Utqiagvik, Alaska. (Also known as Barrow, it's the northernmost city in the US) While in Mexico, I ate chapulines which are grasshoppers.

This year, my wife and I are looking at going to Costa Rica. I'm also looking at a trip to New York City in the fall.

What are your travel plans for 2023?

  • My Plans? Get back to Frankfurt.

  • No travel plans, I won a free cruise but we're pinching pennies to start our business and don't want to use our cash for the airfare/taxes/excursions. Bit of a bummer but worth it to keep following our dream

  • Well, I started the year in Japan, so I'm already off to a good start! Other destinations include: Scotland, maybe Japan again. Possibly Europe?

  • Your travel plans and adventures sound awesome Daniel! I would love to try grasshoppers. I think bug/insect proteins could be the future! So much sustenance, affordable cultivation, eco-friendly, etc. etc. etc. 

    As for my travel plans - I LOVEEEE to travel. I got a long girls (sister, Mother, Grandmother) weekend to St Simons, GA. Gonna do a long weekend, hopefully, in Quebec City with the husband (it's only a few hour drive for us!), gonna do some backpacking in my local mountains, long weekend to two of our favorite spots (Cape Cod and Portland, ME), hopefully a quick long weekend visit to my grandparents in FL and currently planning a trip abroad (not sure exactly where just yet) in the fall!

    Can't wait, it's gonna be a great year! 

  • You are off to a good start! Scotland sounds awesome. 

  • Great priorities and dedication! There will be time for the fun and I admire the pursuit of your dream to open your business!! Best of luck this year!! 

  • Oh nice! When were you last in Frankfurt? I spent a Christmas there with my sister some year ago and it was incredible! 

  • Paul, Frankfurt looks like fun. I've never been to Germany but it's on my list of destinations. I had close friends who just went in December to go to Christmas markets. Their photos looked great.

  • I'm sad that you are not going on that semi-free cruise. But I'm happy for you in your new endeavor. Wishing you success in your new business.

  • Aaron, did you go to Japan for fun or work or both? Wow, Japan is near the top of my must travel places. And it's up there with my wife's list too so I think I will be there in the next few of years. What is your favorite cities or destinations in Japan? From my research I definitely want to go to Tokyo and Kyoto. But not sure how feasible those are for one trip. There's so much to see in that country.