Any Trekkers out there? What is your favorite series?

Share your thoughts.

  • I'm a casual fan. Haven't gotten into any series enough to have strong opinions.

    What series do you like? And why?

  • Not quite - but I might be converted by this community haha! Just look at  profile pic and terrific scale model-buildingSmiley

  • Brett,

    Thank you for "Trekkers" instead of "Trekkies" (there is a differenceWink).  My favourite series currently is floating between The Next Generation and Strange New Worlds.  I am pleased with how CBS/Paramount has recaptured some of The Original Series' ethical high-road and integrated an upgraded technological feel to the show while retaining familiar sights and sounds of the original Enterprise NCC-1701.  I also am enjoying Discovery and Picard, even though they seem a bit "grittier".  I was skeptical when Discovery jumped into the 32nd century, but it actually served to underscore the core values of why the Federation and Starfleet exist, especially after the tragedy of the protracted Klingon War and the brief foray into the antithesis Terran alternate universe.

    Live long and prosper.Vulcan tone2

  • Curious to hear other's thoughts on this question! 

  • YEAH! Original tribble watcher!