How do you capture sunsets like a pro?

Post your favorite sunsets and if they are of the sea even better! What device did you use? I am looking for a new camera to use or should I stick with my phone?


Sunset Beach North Carolina        

  • I don't shoot many sunsets, I prefer to shoot sunrise so there are not as many people. You can get some good shots with a phone, but you give up some control over how the photo is going to come out.  If you do decide to stay with the phone then I would get a tripod that will work with it.  If you go with a camera you have much more control over the final look of the image.  If you shoot HDR you take multiple images at different exposures and then you can blend them together to get the look you want.  For example on the image that you posted, I am sure when you looked at it the bridge was not all black.  When you took the picture your phone (i am assuming) exposed for the sun so that means everything else is extremely dark.  If you were able to shoot multiple exposures then you could expose some for the bridge, and some for the sun and blend them, so you can reproduce everything that your eye sees.  As far as cameras, it is pretty much impossible to buy a bad camera these days if you are looking at a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.  I shoot Nikon, but have heard wonderful things about the Fuji cameras that are out now.  They are smaller and less expensive than the full size pro level bodies, but still get great results. 

  • Thank you so much. This was fun to do.

  • This is a sunrise that I shot on the Alabama gulf coast.  

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