How do you capture sunsets like a pro?

Post your favorite sunsets and if they are of the sea even better! What device did you use? I am looking for a new camera to use or should I stick with my phone?


Sunset Beach North Carolina        

  • I don't shoot many sunsets, I prefer to shoot sunrise so there are not as many people. You can get some good shots with a phone, but you give up some control over how the photo is going to come out.  If you do decide to stay with the phone then I would get a tripod that will work with it.  If you go with a camera you have much more control over the final look of the image.  If you shoot HDR you take multiple images at different exposures and then you can blend them together to get the look you want.  For example on the image that you posted, I am sure when you looked at it the bridge was not all black.  When you took the picture your phone (i am assuming) exposed for the sun so that means everything else is extremely dark.  If you were able to shoot multiple exposures then you could expose some for the bridge, and some for the sun and blend them, so you can reproduce everything that your eye sees.  As far as cameras, it is pretty much impossible to buy a bad camera these days if you are looking at a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.  I shoot Nikon, but have heard wonderful things about the Fuji cameras that are out now.  They are smaller and less expensive than the full size pro level bodies, but still get great results. 

  • That image is really cool! I think adding a subject other than the sun itself helps it stand out from the millions of other sunset photos.

  • Thank you so much. This was fun to do.

  • The advantage of a smartphone is that you always have it with you. The camera technology in the newer phones is amazing.

    As Ray mentioned a mirrorless or DSLR camera will give your greater control over how you want to take the photo. You can take multiple exposures and create an HDR image. Some newer cameras can do that in camera now. I own and use an iPhone 13 Pro and a Canon EOS R5. You cannot go wrong with any of the newer cameras now. I would recommend a mirrorless as they have all the newer technologies and most companies have stopped developing DSLRs. If you have friends that have mirrorless cameras, go with the brand that they have. That way you can ask them questions on how to use your camera. I have helped others many times but I don't know the buttons on the Nikon, Olympus, or Panasonic. I have used Fuji and Sony but I am not as proficient as I am with Canon cameras. If you do get a Canon and need help, you can always reach out to me.

    I take many photos before and after sunset (one of the best times to photograph people, animals, cityscape, and landscape) but not many directly of the sunset.

  • That is such a great picture Judith. It looks almost unreal with the massive sun and beautiful silhouetted pier! Wow. 

  • I was just camping on the coast of Maine and caught a breath-taking sunset. I love really any sunrises and sunsets, they are just so beautiful. I use my smart phone camera but am not very technical - I would definitely lean into what  and  and  and Kelly  and  have to share and recommend as they are all wonderful photographers! 

  • Cell phones are growing in capabilities in a fast pace as well, there are some advantages and disadvantages to both but if you just want quick photos, get a phone camera!