Favorite seafood(s)?

What is the name your favorite seafood or the names of your favorite seafoods?


  • Great question Judith! Sadly, I haven't discovered much seafood that I like - maybe I'm eating the wrong kind haha. Hmm, does crab rangoon count? LOL surely not haha. What is yours? I can't tell from the picture

  • Hush Puppies! Crab Rangoon does count!

  • Oh, I wish I could give this thread more than 1 thumbs up!

    Hmmm... This is a tough question because I like a lot of seafood, but my favourites are probably oysters (raw or fried) or sashimi (sushi without the rice - scallops are probably my favourite!). But, really, if it lives in the ocean there's a good chance I have tried it or will want to! FishWhale2Sushi

  • That is like asking which is my favorite child.  I love them all. 

  • I love all seafood, but my all time favorite dish since childhood is spaghetti with white clam sauce.

  • Now you all are making me hungry and wish I have something else for lunch. They are all so good, I would say my favorites are oysters(raw or cooked), crab(cooked, I don't think people eat them raw), or Yellowtail Tuna (raw).

  • Shrimp and blue crab.  If in Galveston, Texas I like the Cajun Greek, when in the DC area I go to the Bethesda Crab house.

  • Ooo, love the specific recommendations!