College football yay!

Finally, college football has started!  Who's your favorite team?  Being from Oklahoma, naturally I'm a Sooner.  Sorry Cowpokes. 

     Boomer!  (The official way a Sooner fan says hello.  Other OU fans respond with "Sooner".)  


  • ROLL TIDE, it is all the greeting you need.  

  • So how did everyone's teams do this weekend.  Alabama didn't have a tough opponent so it was no contest for them.  

  • You know Ray, you can probably just copy your comment and paste it in each week for Alabama's status.

    OU looked decent for so many changes from last season.  Of course, the opponent wasn't much, but at least they met expectations.

    OSU, not THE OSU, looked good for a half.  So, they met expectations, but at least they pulled out the "W".


  • Other than Texas A&M our schedule does look pretty easy, but you never know with any SEC team.  We will have to play Georgia in the SEC championship.