Extracurricular - what adds to your skills outside of work?

How do you expand your skills outside of work and industry or job-related certifications? Do any extracurricular activities come into play or do those activities benefit FROM your skills?

Outside of skill-based, how do you connect with you local community or get involved extracurricularly (is that a word)?

Please share below!

  • You are challenging the introvert in me with difficult questions.  I am part of the media team at church.  Solving AV tech problems does not directly translate to IT, but it does help to learn new troubleshooting techniques.  We are also involved with the local special needs groups and the will definitely help to improve you people skills and see life from a different prospective.     

  • There are many ways to expand your skills outside of work and industry. One way is to get involved in extracurricular activities that help you sharpen your skills. For example, I am a motorcycle rider, I practice my driving skills outside of work by taking part in competitions or learning new tracks. I am into target shooting; I participate in matches and tournaments to keep my skills sharp. I also use CrossFit and enter competitions to test my fitness levels. These activities not only help a person stay sharp and competitive, but they also give you the opportunity to learn about new vocabulary and get involved in your local community. By teaching students, the skills and vocabulary they need to know, you can help them become wiser and better-informed members of their community. So, whether you're looking to sharpen your skills or get involved in your local community, there are many ways to do it. Just find an activity that interests you and get started!

  • I would say a lot of my other activities benefit from my skills. As far as connecting with the community, I do that primally through the kids school and our church

  • I'm a serial DIYer. I try many hobbies once or twice and move on. I've made furniture, have two books brewing, some light mechanic work, and have made a website to determine your emoji animal type (enneighagram.com). These hobbies are usually born out of interest or necessity and can contribute to my career skills in unexpected ways.

    Outside of work, I am an active participant at my local church. I'm learning new soft skills like communication, organization, and recruiting by chairing a committee, teaching a class, and finding substitute teachers.

  • The only connection between my work and my personal life is the goal of connecting with people to make their lives better and encourage them in their walk with God.  I try to do this with my customers, family, friends, and community.  Besides that, my work is much different than what I do on my free time. Slight smile

  • I run a nonprofit that provides technical consulting exclusively to other nonprofits.  While I have a strong tech background, the nonprofits that I help support are always stretching my abilities and helping me learn about new products and technical situations.  That, in turn, helps me in my day job as I run into other unique situations.

  • Networking, sports events, music events

  • Hobbies and volunteer work also build competencies. The important things to remember are to write a reflection in your journal or notes to help you solidify what you learn in these less formal areas of life. Track your hours. Track your competencies or outcomes. Learning to code would be an example, or working on a community garden. Most tasks start out difficult, then as you become an expert, they turn into fun. Persistence pays off! Sunglasses

  • Tinkering with technology any chance i get. Outside of work I help friends and family with any IT issues they might have. Always a new problem to solve, and sometimes those interactions provide me with info I can use at my job. Every tech support issue i tackle is an opportunity to learn something new! 

  • I help some friends in their small businesses with some advices. That s all what my financial background can help in my personal life :)