Certifications - why, when and how?

What certifications do you have? Why? How did you achieve them?

Do you have to renew them even after you first obtained them? Are they are key part of keeping up your skills?

Please share below with the community! 

  • I thankfully got my Microsoft and Comptia certs before you had to renew them on a regular basis (I know I am old).  In my experience certs look good on paper and they help you to get your foot in the door, but nothing beats experience from working in the field.  I started college at a local community college and the teachers had great book knowledge, but little real world experience.  I switched over to a trade school and all of the teachers had worked in the industry and told you how it really works.  I remember one exam that the teacher told us there were two correct answers he would accept, the way the book taught it, and the way he said it worked in the real world.   

  • I couldn't agree more Ray.  In my opinion, certifications simply prove you can pass a test.  Not that you can apply the knowledge in the real world.  Case in point, PMP.  Nothing beats experience.  I get really tired of seeing the alphabet next to someone's email signature.  As a test, I added M2C (married to Caren), PoT (papa of three) and some other silly one I can't remember, to my email signature for a year.  No one ever asked what the certs represented.  I think they serve a purpose on a resume, beyond that not so much.  Don't get me wrong, the certifications do add to your knowledge base, they represent valuable tools in your toolbox, but beyond that they're just bragging rights.

    -Rusty Nuts, SMH (shaking my head)

  • LOL - That is pretty awesome that you added those - surprising no one asked about them! 

  • LOL - That is pretty awesome that you added those - surprising no one asked about them! 

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