What is your favorite caffeinated beverage.

  • Kombucha, Jun, really anything with Probiotics.  A bit more expensive, but much better for your health.  I got a scoby and made some myself this year.  Super easy and much cheaper.  I was making 2 gallons a week for only maybe $4 for the cost of the organic honey or sugar and the tea.

  • I tried Kombucha once and that was enough for me. I am not a fan of anything fermented. 

  • I'm a plain ole black coffee guy.  I'll have a coke every now and then.  If I'm out running around and want a treat, I'll get a Latte but that's as fancy as I get.

  • I like black coffee. It is simple.

  • Where are all the tea lovers here?!? TeaTea

  • If the survey had allowed a ranking instead of a simple "Favourite" selection, tea would have been my very close second.

    "Computer -- tea, Earl Grey, hot!"

  • Learn to drink tea with milk.... Its definitely a favorite.