Favorite (super) hero: Marvel, comic, fantasy series, other, etc.

Do you have a favorite super hero? Or super-hero series? Or movie?

How about a real-life hero that you love? Why?

Please share below!

  • I am a Marvels fan, and would have to pick Captain America

  • Love all the Marvel character, but I think my favorite would be IRON MAN!!  Love me some Iron Man!! LOL

  • There are so many good choices of fictional heros. I do have to admit that I love Guardians of the Galaxy team. 

    But for me, it always comes back to LOTR. I think maybe Sam is my favorite hero. 

  • WonderWoman !

    Hère when you need her. But shuuut, not everybody knows who she is !

  • Tintin is my all-time favorite hero.