Best customer service experience

What is the best customer service experience you have ever had?

Tell us about it, what happened and why it stood out to you. 

  • Our absolute best experience continues to this day. Several years ago, we were seeking a less expensive supplemental policy of health insurance to accompany standard Medicare. All of us have consumed tons of TV advertising featuring celebs pushing Medicare Advantage plans. But we remain suspicious of them based on local anecdotal evidence from acquaintances and friends who complained about co-pays, lack of doctor choice and paltry coverage. When we discovered a certain advisor,, we walked right into the best customer service ever.

    Mr. Ball continues to advise us on the best Medicare Part B insurers, evaluates costs and compares Advantage vs. standard plans. All of his effort is backed by evidence. Not salesmanship. Actual evidence. We're convinced! 

  • This was from twenty years ago, but I was replacing speakers in my car, and one of the new speakers did not work, so I took it back to Walmart, and even though I did not buy it there, they exchanged it for a new one no questions asked!

  • One of the best customer experiences I've ever had was years ago with my husband Jon (then boyfriend) on a Valentine's Day date into Boston gone awry. It was AAA and Hyundai to the rescue. 

    It was just past the middle of a bitterly cold and snowy New England winter. Although only an hour or two from the thriving metropolis of Boston, we failed to go on too many dates about town. So we decided to plan a day into the city for a visit to the Museum of Science and some over-priced lunch for our 5th Valentines Day together. 

    Boston, unfortunately, is known to be one of the worst areas for NOT fixing winter potholes - insanely huge, gaping, accident-worthy potholes. Jon had just put snow tires on his sporty, low-profile Veloster just days before our date, for a grand total of $1.2k - a small fortune to service-industry job-working teens (to be remembered for later in this tale). 

    About 5 minutes from the museum, taking our ramp exit, we hit a 2.5 foot long, 1 foot wide, 1 foot deep pothole going about 45 miles an hour. Aside from the jarring bumps on the right side of the car, we heard the most awful thuds every other second. Moments later, we encountered bumper to bumper traffic while the right side of our car started sagging and making frightful sounds. Stressed, anxious and unsure of the full extent of the damage, we sat in traffic for 2 hours trying to get off the exit, pull over and assess the damage of our unfortunate run-in with the pothole. 

    Alas, apparently delirious with the events, we lost our directions. And with no street parking spots available in sight, we mistakenly got back onto another highway! Panicking to keep up with the 70-mile-an-hour, 3-lane, concrete barrier race course, while not destroying our poor car even more, we searched vainly for the next off-exit. 

    We hobbled another a few miles before finding a suitable exit to pull off. Now officially lost but stopped on the side of the road, we saw that at least one of our tires was blown. Convinced it was only one tire, my husband navigated us to a parking garage very close by so as to avoid a ticket from the open spot we pulled into. 

    Upon further reflection in the parking garage, it was clear that both tires were completely blown out. For some reason, we decided at some point that this was a great time to give each other our gifts. My mathematical and practical husband, with a habit of eating his stress, proceeded to down the entirety of one of his two gifts, a heart-shaped box of 12 Ferrero Rocher chocolates. We were very frazzled at the situation we were in plus the cost of needing to get back home and replace the two tires Jon had just bought. 

    After a 3-hour wait for a tow truck, some coffee and dog watching at a local park, bad service reception so that we nearly missed the tow truck and the eventual arrival of the tow truck, we were squeezed into the cab with the tow truck driver and had our sights set on our destination over an hour away. Since my family had been a AAA member for so many years, and since we had the gold (or platinum?) plan, our 50 mile tow cost us a grand total of $0.00! 

    And when we arrived at the Hyundai auto center and explained the situation, they not only started working on the car right away, but they replaced the two new tires free of charge because they knew he had just bought them a few days previously. 

    We will never forgot this disastrously hilarious date and the wonderful 'rescue' and service we received in the wake of it. Thank you AAA and Hyundai.   

  • Great story Beth. Your an excellent writer!  Really painted a picture.

  • As much as I try to avoid Walmart, just because of the crowd, they do have excellent customer service.

  • Okay, this may make me sound like a homer, but I was impressed by the customer service I received from Lenovo.  When I purchased my C13 Yoga ThinkPad I also purchased the premier support.  (I have never purchased support or extended warranties in the past on anything.)  The ThinkPad came with a garaged stylus, which wasn't a big sales point for me, but a nice feature.  However, the stylus wouldn't charge.  I contacted Lenovo and they immediately sent me a new stylus.  That didn't fix the problem, so they dispatched an onsite tech guy to replace the component that charges the stylus.  That didn't work either.  They then sent out another tech that replaced some other component.  Same story.  A third tech guy came out to reinstall the O/S.  No go.  I soon received a prepaid box to ship the computer back to Lenovo for repair.  Voila! 

    Some might not consider this a great customer service story, in that I eventually had to ship the computer back to Lenovo for repair, but I was impressed.  Lenovo did everything reasonably expected for 'premier support', in my opinion.  Things happen and not all everything goes as planned.  Lenovo owned the problem and got it resolved.  I didn't have to fight for service or bug them to do anything.  Thank you, Lenovo!

  • Haha aw thanks Mark! Really appreciate it. It was quite a day. 

  • There was a time I received a defective item when making an online purchase, the customer service team was helpful by explaining the proper steps to getting a replaced item. The turnaround time was very reasonable too!

  • I found this month a small artisanal cosmetic store
    I'm more than happy
    I found inspiring products!
    What I appreciated even more were the people who welcomed us there! Kindness. Even if their goal is to sell, they listen, advise you even when they know you're not there to buy. They respect people, seek to meet their needs with accessible means.
    They got it all figured out

    In the long run, it is them who are remembered. It is to them that we return

  • One of the best customer service experiences I've had was in the past year. I ordered a tea my wife really liked as a present for a special occasion and well in advance, but because of the U.S. mail slowdowns our package went "missing" (it was lost in limbo at a distribution center somewhere in another state), the date came and went, and still nothing to show. I contacted the tea company because I didn't have the specifics to try to track down the package, and after explaining the situation and with no questions asked other than my current address, they shipped me a replacement expedited free of charge, refunded my money, and told me I could keep the original order if/when it eventually showed up. Now that was customer service!