Best gift you've ever received

The December ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9 Giveaway is closed, but please still feel free to add to the conversation.

As it is a season for giving, we want to know: what is the best gift you have ever received or given - tech or otherwise?

  • Have a favorite Christmas gift memory?
  • Recall the first electronic gadget or computer you ever got? 
  • Made someone's year with a special gift?

Take a step back in time and tell us about your favorite Christmas gift memory for a chance to win a new gift. 

What is the best gift you have ever received or given? Tech or otherwise? Ribbon

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  • This goes back in time, but best gift was my first desktop, the Apple IIC. Probably best gift I have given is what I am giving now. A new Thinkpad for my wife. She desperately needs an upgrade whether she agrees or not. 

  • My favorite childhood Christmas gifts included a new bike and many books….

  • My favorite presents are the drawings and cards my children make for me. It blows me away when they add to the cards that I am "the best mommy." To see that I am making my children feel loved and cared for, that they are happy in my care, and for them to show their love to me like that, the pure joy they have in making something and have it received, there just isn't anything that beats that as a gift. 

  •  La verdad en mi infancia tengo 1 solo recuerdo ya que en ese tiempo la economía familiar era extremadamente austera y generalmente mi madre quién era la que se esforzaba por conseguir algo de dinero o productos alimenticios para poder al menos tener 1 alimento al día, en una ocasión se animaron a comprarme un juguete, por supuesto era algo bien sencillo pero de mucho significado para mi, fue una pequeña volqueta plástica que para la economía que llevábamos fue un tremendo esfuerzo de mi madre para poder conseguirlo, lógicamente yo lo valoro mucho este acto de amor. Saludos
    The truth is that I can only remember receiving one gift in my childhood. At that time, the family economy was extremely austere and generally my mother was the one who made an effort to get some money or food products to be able to have at least some food in a day. On occasion, they were encouraged to buy me a toy, of course it was something very simple but of a lot of meaning for me: the gift was a small plastic dump truck. For the economy at that time, it was a tremendous effort from my mother to be able to achieve getting me this gift, so logically I highly value this act of love. Cheers.
  • My mother took up scrap booking, and when I turned 40, she gave me a two volume scrap book of every picture and memento she had for me. It was fun to go through pictures of me as a kid with my own kids.

  • Awww, that is very exciting. I am sure your wife will love the new laptop despite how instance she sounds in not needing an upgrade! Sweat smile

  • That sounds like Christmas to me! Especially the book part. I remember receiving new books in the Magic Tree House series and LOVING it!