Think Pets (WFH)

One of the best parts of a working-from-home or a hybrid set-up is getting to see your favorite furry faces more often!

Post your favorite snapshots of your Think pets below! 

Cats especially seem to love Lenovo (and mice)...

  • Meet Bean - my WFH buddy, Think fan and lazy co-worker (arguably more interested in the birds outside than the tech inside LOL)! Cat

  • Post your favorite snapshots


    Insert looks to want an external link?

    Yours is hosted here.

    External, or is there a way to attach here?

  •  good question! Let me attach some screenshots to upload:

    Go to "Insert" and click on "Image/video/file" in the drop-down/drop-up menu on the message panel:

    Click "Upload" just under the empty "File/URL:" field:

    Select the file from your desktop that you want to share. It may take a moment to upload:

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    And voila! You've added your image to the post. 

    Let me know if you run into any issues while adding and I can help Grinning

  • It accepted an external URL.

    I see no way to upload anything locally?

    There is no "select the file from your desktop" option afforded.

    Thinking maybe you can, but not us.

    Cats didn't really care about computers, but they do like mice.

  •  Are these your cats?! Sooo cute. Ahhh, I see. Sorry about that Steven. Yes, it must be just me! 

  • Must love the kitties, especially when they 'help you work.'

  • Aww! So sweet and loveable! Thank you for sharing! Must love dogs.