What podcasts do you listen to?

As you may know, finding the perfect podcast can be challenging. 

Whether for technology, business, or personal, what podcasts are you tuned-into? Please share below!

  • Bob Goff Dream Big podcast.  Dinesh D'Souza.  Charlie Kirk

  • Haha.  Yeah, that's a great podcast. Slight smile

  • This Podcast Will Kill You is probably one of my favorites. Followed closely by The Golden Ratio. Dr. Jen Golbeck not only fosters Golden Retrievers (hence the name "Golden Ratio") but is also an uber geek and computer scientist that does some fascinating studies on Social Media and other relevent IT stuff. If you've never heard of her, look her up! www.youtube.com/watch

  • Darknet Diaries is an excellent, entertaining, and accessible podcast about hacking, internet crime, and penetration testing.

    You don't need to be an IT professional to enjoy it. The host usually brings on guests to share their stories. Stories include

    • Huge hacks: Large data breaches, millions of dollars stolen, and military objectives completed
    • Devastating Vulnerabilities: These can lead to out-of-control viruses like ransomware
    • Social Engineering: Manipulating people to give privileged access and information.
    • Penetration Testing: Yeah, I never heard of this either, but apparently it's becoming common. Companies hire security professionals to hack or physically break into their businesses.
    • Origin Stories: Usually involving video game cheats

    Recommend you give at least one episode a try. Here are some of my favorites to get you started:

    • 29: Stuxnet
      The story of the US and Israeli cyberattack on the nuclear enrichment facility in Iran.
    • 59: The Courthouse
      Two penetration testers share an interesting story about breaking into a courthouse.
    • 72: Bangladesh Bank Heist
      The story of the largest bank robbery in history.
    • 86: The LinkedIn Incident
      The story of how a hacker stole millions of user details from LinkedIn and sold them.
    • 90: Jenny
      Jenny is a social engineer who gets paid to break into buildings to test their security.
    • 102: Money Maker
      The story of Frank Bourassa who made a lot of counterfeit money.
    • 114: HD
      A common tool mentioned in this podcast is called Metasploit. This episode gives a little background to it.

    Ok, that's it. Smile I'm done.

  • i don't have a go to, so open to suggestions!

  • Yes I enjoy Unashamed.  It's a Bible study with Phil, Jase and Al, some of the fellas from Duck Dynasty. 

  • dont have much time for podcats

  • Same!  Just found it a few months ago and can't stop.  CyberSecurity Today is the one who recommended it.