What podcasts do you listen to?

As you may know, finding the perfect podcast can be challenging. 

Whether for technology, business, or personal, what podcasts are you tuned-into? Please share below!

  • I listen to mostly photography related podcasts since that is my side job and hobby.  Security now is the only tech podcast I listen to.  On the photography side.  Photobomb Podcast, Get your Shoot Together, A Beautiful Anarchy, This week in Photo, This Conversation with Jed Taufer.  

  • Darknet Diaries is a super interesting tech based podcast. Start Here for my news fix. Smartless for my comedy fix. Mostly anything true crime in a single story per season format. 

  • None.
    I'm pretty much tuned out of current events (& communications).

    I've got a nice accumulation of music, all types, that I listen to, played in random order.

    Soothes my soul.

  • I listen to 'Joyce Meyer: Living Everyday Life' for my spirituality and my soul.

    For career, I enjoy listening to Neil Patel's 'Marketing School' podcast.

  • I enjoy Unashamed.  It's a Bible study with Phil, Jase and Al, some of the fellas from Duck Dynasty.  Very laid back and more like a discussion with emphasis on on the Bible.

  • Huge wrestling fan, so 83 Weeks, Something To Wrestle, Grilling JR, Talk Is Jericho 

  • The best podcast to listen to is the long shot pod if you are a big fan of the underdog story. The host is Duncan Robinson who plays for the Miami heat.

  • Website 101 Podcast is an amazing treasure trove of DYI and professional tips, interviews etc. on what exactly goes into creating and building beautiful yet professional websites, and what small businesses should be considering when making changes to or updating a website. I recommend it for people looking to get into website development/design just as much as people looking for business tips on website know how.

  • Those that I will prepare with my X1 Carbon, Blue Yeti mic, cam and light ring Relaxed

  • BirdNote Daily is a podcast of short episodes looking at the life of birds and their complex relations with their ecosystems and humans, nicely interspersed with bird songs and sounds.