What's inside the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community surprise mystery care package?

I recently received a surprise mystery care package from the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community.

Inside was a Legion Slim 5 Gen 9 AMD (16″) with RTX 4070, an AMD XL Desk Mat, and one of the highly coveted Legion Hydro Flasks!

Seriously, what kind of company just randomly sends something like this out to their community members? I'm just blown away by their generosity!

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone at Lenovo and AMD!

You can read my full care package story over at the Legion Gaming Community:


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    Congratulations!  Again. :-)

    Dude... you and Kevin T earned it.  Yes, Lenovo is generous.  But, so are you.

    How long have you been a member?  How many high-effort and sincere posts have you added to the community?  How many friends have you made and kept?

    Like you, I am astonished that any company would thank its most dedicated community members—with anything more than platitudes.  But, the more contact I have with Lenovo and its people, the less surprised I am by their generosity.

    A corporate entity is only as good as its people.  And Lenovo seems to place primacy on attracting and hiring great people.  Engaging with Lenovo's communities is the only "social media" I look forward to, each day.  You and members like you are the main reason for that.  Lenovo's communities raise the bar over all other communities I've tried.

    I'm surprised they haven't kicked me out, yet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Thank you again... and thanks for the kind words! I love all three Lenovo communities and it's because of awesome members like you and a handful of other active members that make each community so great.

    I joined Gaming when I first bought my Legion 7i back in 2021. I then joined EDU shortly after as well since I used to teach. I more recently joined Pro. I've been pretty active in all three, but lost count of how may posts and comments I've made. Hopefully, at least a few of them have been "high-effort and sincere..." lol

    And yes, I agree that the Lenovo communities are way above other communities. Everyone that works for Lenovo have been so awesome and the benefits of being a member just continue to grow. I'm really looking forward to all the big updates this month and can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the future. Hopefully, you don't get kicked out before then... Stuck out tongue closed eyes

  • Oh man, this is so awesome Richie. I am super excited for you for this. 

    We do really love y'all - there would be no community without all of you!! Heart

    OMG, I read your whole post on gaming and you made my day!! We can't WAIT to go global and you can meet even more of the team in Mari and, of course, get to know Dan (love that, Ben of the UK lol) much more. b

    This is an amazing team, amazing 10 communities across the globe with amazing and Lenovo is pretty great too... Amazing all around. 

  • Ahahaha!!! Not yet  Stuck out tongue winking eye I love hearing how you look forward each day - I do too.

    All your and other's contributions make this place what it is - seriously. You are all amazing!!! And well said - there is just good will all around!


    I've been pretty active in all three

    Pretty active?  Was Genghis Khan "pretty active"? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    According to Genomelink, "Khan was a major powerhouse in military history, and continues to be martially studied and referred to today. However, he's also recognized for the strength of his genes, and the fact that around 0.5 percent of today's men seem to carry his Y chromosome today – 750 years after his death."

  • Congratulations and wow! That's a heck of a nice care package. I'm glad and continue to be amazed by the premium products Lenovo is putting out to the community.

  • Ten Lenovo communities from across the sea;

    A global update merged them all and then there were three.

  • Thank you! I'm still blown away by the generosity from our Lenovo Communities.