Lenovo Memorial Day Sale email...

Does anyone else see it?

  • Haha what am I missing? Cookie monster is in the email?! 

  • I finally recieved the email! I guess they send them out in batches.

  • The icons at the bottom of the display

  • My email looks different.

  • I don't really get it either. I saw the cookie monster, but no cookie in site - OK. Also the USB hub is not plugged in and/or being utilized.

  • This could make a fun "spot the difference" piece hehe!! 

    Was there really a cookie monster in the email   or is that your take on an element in the photo above?

  • The two large white icons at the bottom of the screen, and then the row of icons under it... My brain saw them as eyes and a mouth, then I noticed it kinda looked like cookie monster!

  • Oooooo!!! Like if you turn it sideways LOL!! I didn't see it before, but I can get where you're going now hahaha!