Summer Office Is Open!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in New England and my first opportunity to work in my "summer office":

Outdoor table with a laptop on it and with umbrella and chair, sitting on a sunny deck  Open laptop with a text file open on it, positioned on an outdoor table. It's flanked by headphones and a glass of water. Trees, a lawn, and some parked cars are viewable in the distance.

How about you? Do you get an opportunity to work outside in the good weather? 

  • Looks super relaxing!  I love to work outside when I can, but it's been rainy down here in North Carolina lately so not too many opportunities.  I'll share the setup on the next sunny day Slight smile

  • It's been cooler and rainy since that day. Because of course it is!

  • It is very pretty in Southport NC.

  • That looks amazing Erin! Isn't it so beautiful?! (Finally lol!) Gosh though, we gotta work on that HP hehehe!!! Stuck out tongue winking eye

  • Wow, so beautiful Judith! Did you take that photo?

  • Ooo, that is awesome! Sharing summer office spaces when home would be great! 

  • Your office looks good, unfortunately in southern Arizona, it's going to be 93 degrees outside today. If I can have 2 screens and mid-70-degree weather, I would love to work outside.

  • A friend of mine next to me took the picture and allowed me to post it. I am finally getting a decent tripod rolling table instead of the Wahoo fitness table I have. I will post it here once it is set up!

  • Thanks! I can't wait to plant the garden box that's right in front of the deck. Our hard frost date is May 15--so I'm hoping for a good weekend for planting!

    Oh, my poor HP. It's definitely letting me know it will be retiring soon. Definitely checking out the Lenovo offerings. Innocent