Upgrading Your Smartphone

How often do you upgrade your smartphone and why? Are you one to get the latest tech or one who waits until it breaks? Would you use a phone past a manufacturer's support period? What about changing operating systems if a phone had a better deal and/or features? Perhaps even change carriers if another had a better device sale/promotion?

  • As a freelancer, I have to buy all my own equipment, so I lean toward more affordable tech. My current phone is a Moto G Power. I like it because it has oodles of memory (though I'm really good at using it up) and the battery lasts a couple of days with my regular usage. It helps that the phone is affordable and I can buy an unlocked one and skip Verizon's $100+ markup when you buy phones through them. This phone is slowing down a lot lately (it's 4 years old now), and I'm thinking I will get another one (with even more memory!), hand this one down to my 20-something son, and turn his phone (mine from several years ago) in.

    I'll be interested to hear what others do! 

  • I generally use my phone until it starts acting up.  Even older phones have more then enough power for me, but I do want something reliable as I don't want to be without one.  Last month my 3.5 year old Moto G Power (I love that phone) froze twice within a couple of weeks and froze upon restart each time.  I was able to reboot and get it working again, but that is when I decide I need something new.  I love the Moto G Power, but decided to switch to the ThinkPhone this time when a sale popped up and I have a lot of points to use.  I miss the FM radio and headphone jack on the G Power.  The Thinkphone is nice and a little faster, but I got it mostly because I am hoping to get 5 years+ out of it.

    I switched from ATT Prepaid to Mint Mobile this year.  $15 and month with more than enough data for my needs (I am almost always on wifi).  I've been using prepaid and unlocked phones for many years and would never go back to the other plans.

    I am Android all the way... I think iPhone is overpriced and I am not in that ecosystem.

  • I also have to buy all my equipment, I have an iPhone 15 Pro Max, with twice the memory of my old phone, and my last one was an iPhone 11 Pro Max.  I usually upgrade, about every 4 years and sell my old phone to help pay for my new one.  I have ATT which I get a discount for being retired from the Military. This past upgrade, I was able to get enough money to pay for my wife's upgrade from iPhone 8 to iPhone 15 Pro. Verizon around here would cost more than ATT.

  • I think a 3 year upgrade is enough to hold a Phone for. So every 2-3 _years upgrade

    2-3 Years

    Change to keep up to date with the latest software's

  • My next phone will be a Thinkphone. 

  • Not too often. I usually buy a phone which I think can do the required work for me for at least next 1-2 years.

  • I'm now trying decdie between a Thinkphone and another Moto G Power. 

  • I tend to use my phone until it becomes too frustratingly slow to handle anymore lol

    Holding onto a phone for 3+ years is something to wear with a badge of honor in my book.  It's like having a car that's paid off - one less payment to worry about, and if it gets the job done, it gets the job done.

  • My primary phone is an iPhone 13 Pro. I also have a Lenovo ThinkPhone which is my secondary phone. I was on a 2-year upgrade cycle and for a few years, I've upgraded every year. I did that to jump into better cameras and newer technologies. I'm behind on my next iPhone, the ThinkPhone I got last year held me over. I will get the next-generation iPhone 16 Pro(if they keep the naming consistent). I still prefer iOS over Android. I learned to use both. When I travel, I take both. I use AT&T for my iPhone and Mint Mobile for my ThinkPhone. Both have their pros and cons.