What's the best kinda coffee break for you?

Is it the type of coffee?

Is it the social aspect?

Is it an antisocial aspect?

  • Depends on my mood. Some days, I just want to sip alone in peace, not be looking at a screen and catch a few pages of the book I'm working through.

    Other times, want to laugh a little and see if it helps perk up my energy. Other times, I take my coffee outside for a walk or a sit on the porch for a little sunshine. 

    At some point, I plan to have an espresso machine so I can make my own specialty coffee beverages at home. Then, my afternoon coffee breaks will involve espresso. Coffee

  • The best coffee break is being able to walk away from my desk and move around. I work from home, so breaks are a great time to get a chore done or walk outside for some air. Refilling my tea cup never hurts either!

  • Best coffee break for me would be one where I'm drinking a beverage that suits my mood (typically a black coffee and espresso drinker but occasionally a sweet beverage drinker such as a pumpkin spice latte) while relaxing in a relatively peaceful environment (calm/soothing music with little to no background noise).