Shedding Impostor Syndrome

Did anyone else read "Breaking Through Impostor Syndrome" by my Lenovo Pro colleague Rachel? She had a lot of great ideas for helping us shed our impostor syndrome. I particularly liked "Give yourself credit." Who doesn't want to write down their wins?

What resonated with you?

  • It seems to me like imposter syndrome is not much more than basic insecurity.  If you have the mindset that you are going to fail, then you are going to fail. You will have created a self fulfilling prophecy. At the same time, it is always important to remember the lesson we all should have learned as children watching the tortoise and the hare. If you spend all of your time watching your competitor, then you will always lose in the end. 

    I think that is the inherent danger in raising children to believe that their future is in the hands of anyone else. All children should be raised with the mindset that the sky is the limit. Insecurity will always manifest itself in a person who was taught to believe that their destiny is entirely reliant on external factors. There are opportunities everywhere, and it is the ability to recognize those opportunities, and adapt to the conditions that those opportunities require for success, that will determine your success or failure in life. Life is not about luck, it is about positioning. You must make an effort on a personal level to be in the position for good things to happen.

  • Never really had this problem. I know what I can do and what I can not do. It's the most critical piece of knowledge one can possess about oneself. You MUST know this about yourself. Then you can find others to complete your team based on skill sets required. Self-awareness is critical to business success.

  • Did anybody really figure out what the article is about? Never heard and never had smth like that, sorry.

  • It's about actually realizing you are succeeding even if you feel like you're not. Kinda like, owning your awesomeness! 

  • Success comes in many forms the best way to accept success is to take success step by step that way you can really appreciate the ride of success Raised hands

    We are all capable of success some unlock with others some unlock with thier own awesomeness Ok hand 

    The formular

    1. Courage
    2. Accept
    3. Success
    • Courage to accept the things we cannot
    • Acceptance to strive in success
    • Success is yours

    Amiarez Wilson 

  • I'll look into this when I get a chance

  • Thanks wouldn't have done it without your awesomeness Wink 

  • Luckily my profession presents annual awards for best books in various categories. It's a good opportunity to take stock in where I stand.