The Future of TikTok

With news of TikTok possibly getting the axe, what are your thoughts on this polarizing issue? Is it being too politicized or do we need to get rid of the app? Is there a way to save the app (i.e. Meta or Alphabet buying the platform) and the best aspects of the culture that TikTok created? What would the perfect scenario look like for the future of TikTok? Should there be stricter algorithm and content limits for feeds designed for kids?

  • This link may help to see what is going on in Congress. The future is anyone's guess.

  • I think any level of government has no business messing with TikTok.  It is not the responsibility of the government to be a censor for what kids see, that is the parents job.  I think the government wants to ban it because they can't control it.  The bans that we have seen on having it installed on business phones should not be news, they should be just an IT policy.  Every company I have worked for has a policy that says you are not allowed to install unauthorized apps on your business provided phone.  

  • Here's an exact link to the bill. Basically they're trying to either make ByteDance sell TikTok, or ban the app altogether.