What was your first job like?

What was your first job like?

  • My first official job outside the school setting was amazing but demanding at times. I was a barista in a Starbucks franchised by Target. This job was my first introduction to the coffee world and taught me many valuable skills you won't learn in high school or college such as workplace dynamics, working in a corporate retail setting, and dealing with difficult situations.

  • It is so beneficial to have a first experience in direct contact with the business environment: customers, colleagues, the field, etc. This allows you to have visibility that managers/directors will never be able to have without this experience.

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    Hmm, well..that all depends on what one would consider being my first job. I worked with my dad a ton when I was younger. He owns his own construction business. Between that and when I got my first official job, I volunteered at a horse stable near my home for a few summers. My first official job was a cashier at Walmart. Out of the three, I think what I learned working with my dad has benefitted me the most throughout my life. So, if that is what counts as my first job, then it was amazing. If you consider Walmart to be my first job, it was not great. As my dad would say, "It was ***-in-a-hand-basket".Sweat smile

  • Family businesses have a way of drawing kids into work experience, don't they? My parents ran a driver's ed school and my younger sisters and I helped clean the classroom every week. Much later, I trained and became a driving instructor. I only taught in the classroom, and it was not my favorite thing. But it put me in front of others while I was still in my early 20s. Watching my parents run a small business taught me a lot about running your own business and that is was possible to make a living outside of a traditional job. I appreciate those early lessons!  

  • I suppose my first official job was at our local McDonald's. Customer service was an early lesson! My first professional job was proofreading nonprofit direct mail--those pleas for donations you get in the mail. I enjoyed being part of a creative team and I felt good about the work we were doing for our clients. I still enjoy working for clients with a mission I align with, knowing our work is a small part of doing good in the world. 

  • I worked for the United States Youth Conservation Corp.

  • What an awesome question Assia! I have a similar categorization - my first jobs were babysitting and nannying, as well as helping my parents professionally clean their short-term rental vacation property with my siblings. But my first 'real' job was as a hostess, busier and to-go server at a small local cafe serving breakfast and lunch. It was a fun job - we all wore purple shirts and always smelled like cooking breakfast mixed with smells from an oil fryer. I loved the energy, the hustle and bustle and the beauty of a team working together towards a common goal.

    One of my favorite things about that first 'real' gig was the access to food and leftovers! There was a house-made, sweet potato glazed donut hole special that we were known for - "Glazed & Confused." The kitchen was always making extra since they were in such high-demand. At the end of the day, we might have a few baskets leftover so the fellas in the back would often leave them for us to grab and enjoy. Lots of fun and food! 


  • Technically I worked at a movie theater in school, briefly. Then I got a summer job at a planetarium, including helping set up light shows. Honestly still the best job I've had, aside from the pay.

  • I sold Ladies Shoes from age 16-18 .. and it was fine, learning people and learning to be responsible to a job as well as my self and family.. glad i started young.. 

  • I spent my summers going door to door mowing lawns when i was a kid, roughly 10 years old and up. But my first real job was working at a fast food restaurant when I was 16.  My brother and I both worked at the same place and we would routinely work 40-50 hours a week, while also attending high school. That was likely against some sort of labor law, but we really enjoyed the money we made so we were not tipping the feds off!!!!!. We then used that money to start our own business right after we graduated high school and have been self employed ever since.