How Do You Use AI in Your Work?

Bouncing off David L's post, I'm curious to know how others are using AI in their work. What has really helped you do your job better or saved you time? How have you developed your prompts to get better results? Which AI tools work well for you, and which hinder you?

For my work, I've been using for research. It's been great for summarzing the information found on the websites it searches and includes citations, so you know which idea came from where. It does sometimes halucinate like all AI, so you need to check its responses. But it's been a faster, more accurate way to research than Google.

I've also been using the latest version of Claude for brainstorming, rough drafts, and editing questions. I have:

  • given it scenarios and asked for a list of topics to write about
  • given it large chunks of text and had it give me summaries and keywords
  • asked for several title ideas for articles 
  • asked it to insert errors into copy (to create training materials)
  • asked it to explain why something is a grammatical error (it's not great at this)
  • asked it to write directions

How are you using it?

  • AI has been good to me. I began  four years ago on a quest to find help. I used  to spend long hours creating curriculum, writing books, developing test taking strategies and developing one on one class for my students. I have taken advantage of of Gemini and Co-pilot, as well as, HeyGen, GoDaddy and . I will have a chance to  develop a website where I can have an Educational assistant. Using ChatGPT, Inworld and I finally learned the needed coding that is crutial to connect the dots.

    I inform my students to be very careful when using this technology. I always remind them only use this AI technology for ideas and not to write a paper. To be continued...

  • Those sounds like great applications, Judith! And I completely agree: we still have to be careful using AI. It should never be the last word on anything. It needs a human to check its work!

  • I finally completed all of the work so that the Educational Assistant works. I gave the permissions so that a couple of my friends could use it Friday and they asked it many difficult questions as they are retired physicians. GoDaddy will finish the site soon. I cannot wait to finally get the idea up and running one of these days.

  • Keep me posted! I'd love to see the site when it's live.

  • To fix & organize my broken and disorganized code

  • Excellent. Just curious: Do you find that it fixes it on the first query or are you having to adjust your query to get the correct respond?

  • I have Claude Pro and it provides more indepth coding help. It certainly helps with the develping aspects of making aps.