What are you researching right now?

I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS researching something. There is so much to learn in life and never a bad time to expand your horizons as you try new things, plan trips, try new methods, consider new products, plan for new projects, etc.  

So, out of curiosity and opportunities to exchange conversation, what are you researching right now? What ‘stage’ are you at and what is the research for? 

Please share below and best of luck in your research! 

  • I am always researching new ways to do home improvement projects.  I have rental properties and I save a ton of money by doing the repairs myself. Over time I have become quite handy, but part of that requires that I stay up to date of the newest products to make my homes more energy efficient. It benefits me to advertise the energy efficient aspects of my homes to prospective tenants because it make the property more attractive knowing that the utility bills will be reduced to some extent. But I primarily do those things because it results in less wear and tear on my HVAC equipment.

  • website design for a small business. 

  • trying to learn circuit board design

  • Just finished watching Warrior on Netflix a couple days ago (highly recommend watching) and was recreationally researching the series on Wikipedia along with its historical context. Although mostly fictional, Warrior is loosely based on several historical events that happened in San Francisco's Chinatown and a few of the characters in the series are slightly based on people in history.

  • During my free time, I'm researching AI capabilities and applications for different businesses. My goal is to find a new way to use it to provide value. 

  • I've been researching pex plumbing, as I plan to replumb my house from CPVC to pex in the near future.  I know that is zero tech related, but sometimes making something with my hands is all the reward I need, or a good distancing tactic for work.

  • I am researching AI because I want to learn more about it and also, hopefully, it will lead to better job opportunities.

  • At any given time, I probably have 10-50 different tabs open with researchings for something I've been working on, or want to work on! Then, my pc crashes and I start all over... lol

  • I am halfway through my dissertation on wealth inequity and how it relates to public transit!

  • retirement planning and financing